laptop shutting down randomly while gaming


Oct 10, 2013
I have a three year old gaming laptop which I've used regularly for work and games. Two days ago, without fail, my laptop shut down now shuts down whenever I play anything for ten minutes. I've done several steps so far to see if I could fix it: I've checked my system for viruses, ran a chkdsk, and I've also cleaned out my fans. There WAS a lot of dust in the fans so after cleaning it I thought the shutdowns would stop but no... Same thing happens. I've downloaded HWmoniter and checked the temps, CPU is 65 C idle and goes up to 85-100 C while gaming. I understand this is hot but it has always worked this hard while running programs. And no, there is nothing wrong with the fan, in fact they run even quieter and better after I cleaning them out. There are no unusual noises or problems besides the shutdowns. PLEASE HELP :-( I'm at my wits end trying to fix this problem. I've order some new artic silver 5 thermal paste online today... Think that will help at all? I have not changed the thermal paste since I've gotten the laptop. My laptop and specs are:

MSI GT 683dx
Intel core i7-2670QM
NVidia GTX 570m 1.5GB GDDR5

I spent a considerable amount of money purchasing this laptop in hopes that it would last me years with any issues and at this point I'd rather not take it to a computer repair shop unless I have to. Btw, it's also worth noting that my computer has always been used on a flat clean surfaced and has been propped up with a stand for ventilation. Any and all helpful advise is greatly appreciated.

Luke Kirke

Feb 3, 2015
If it is a thermal issue (85 - 100 degrees is rather hot for the age of the processor, some of the newer i7s have been designed to run that hot.) changing the Thermal Paste might fix the problem, have you checked the logs in the bios? They might let you know the reason for the shutdowns. I'm guessing the Laptop is outside its warranty period.
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