Laptop Speaker and my Home Speaker


Apr 30, 2017
I have a HP laptop , my laptop series doesn't matter i guess , since i'm a computer / technology illiterate ,

So my laptop got reinstalled recently , and i've been using my home speaker for quite a while
but after the OS reinstallation , it seems that my Laptop speaker is still active even when i plug in my Speaker to the jack / a Headphone , so i can't put my laptop volume to 100 , i put it to 5 , because above 10 , it's just INSANELY loud , i mean it's fine right , putting the laptop volume to 5 and increasing the speaker volume

the thing is , the sound quality that comes out is surely a bad news for me
it's like 144p for graphics quality let's say , so i tried this stupid method , i put my Laptop volume up to 100 , and test my speaker , the sound quality is really good , just as like it was before it got reinstalled , but my laptop volume seems to be Louder lol

so i put my laptop far away and pull a cable from my home Audio , but it really is , the sound quality is good

so the point of this Thread is
- Why is my Laptop Speaker still active even when i plug in an Audio Output ?
ps : i have the correct Drivers for my laptop

Thank you.
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