Laptop stuck in endless boot loop after reset


Jan 14, 2016
Hey guys, a while back I was running Windows 8.1 on my laptop. I decided to sell the so I went for the factory reset. Unfortunately 8.1 had issues with running a factory reset and I was stuck with said laptop. Come upgrade time to Windows 10 I thought my issue was solved but after upgrading to 10, I tried to run a factory reset only to have the laptop stuck a certain percent for almost a week. I can't remember if I the laptop switchdd itself off or I did but it is now stuck in an endless boot loop.

I've read other threads and tried to boot from the usb (bios) using both 8.1 & 10

From this screen, any option I choose after clicking 'Repair your computer' only leads back to the boot loop. If I choose 'Install now' I get this screen:

From here, if I choose the first option (with both 8.1 & 10) it gives me this:

Obviously that doesn't work because when I restart it goes back into the boot loop, again.

So that leaves me with the second option from two pictures up which is:

I havn't gone any further than that screen. I'm running a genuine version of windows and I don't know if choosing to format will require me to obtain another windows key (something which should be my last option since im selling this laptop).

Will choosing to format fix this issue without requiring another key? Is there a better way of doing this that you know of? I appreciate any help, thanks in advance


May 18, 2017

Hello: Just yesterday, after all day working with my HP laptop computer that accidentally got messed up trying to do a complete, like factory new computer wipe. I thought it was fixed by a previous posting that told you to hit SHIFT & F10 and then enter I believe it was Regrit or close to it, but then it was stuck in this loop that kept starting over and over it would show the progress of cleaning the computer back to factory settings at 64%!, over and over and over again, this is what I did.

First from a previous post by someone, somewhere on the internet, maybe it was on this site, not sure, I turned off my modem and left it off for over an hour, plus I removed the battery from the laptop and only used the power cord.

Then I restarted my computer and of course it was doing the same old thing again! so for some reason I started hitting the F11 button continuously and then the screen turned all blue (I had this happen before when I went into F10 or F9 setting, where the boot and bios settings are, an option to restart something) but then it would stay all blue for about 30 seconds then shut down the computer), so I kept hitting the F11 button and all of a sudden a screen came up that showed a whole bunch of countries, with the US being the first one, for you to choose. I chose US and then it went to a screen with about 5 options of different fixes and I tried several of them, some would take you back to choose another and some would take you back to the 64% screen again, so I would just do what I did before, hitting the F11 button and then when it went to blue screen kept hitting it, it would go to all the countries again and chose US and then it would be back to the 5 options. Anyway, finally I hit the right option button, I believe it was the one that had something to do with HP on it, then went to another screen and I choose a screen that showed Windows 10 with a number 4 and it took me to a whole new area screen I had never seen, it was white with black writing mostly and gave me the option to wipe my computer to factory settings. Went through a few more questions and everything went smooth, didnt take very long at all and I was back to a brand new computer. Now, I do not know if turning off the internet (modem) was necessary or not because I never kept hitting the F11 button before but it certainly wont hurt. During the setting up the computer I was prompted for my intenet WIFI password to set up the internet, that was when I plugged my modem back in. Anyway, its running great, its clean and fresh and I am thrilled. I hope this will help someone else because I went through hell all day long trying all these complicated fixes and hitting the F11 button while it was looping, with the internet off was the key, at least for me.

Note: (my original operating system was Windows 8 but was at 10 when I tried to clean my system, now it is back to 8)


May 27, 2017
Thank-you F11 worked.

I held down the power key to switch off my computer, then turned it back on and hit F11 several times. In the bottom left corner of the screen I saw the message "System Recovery", then after a couple of minutes a blue screen, for continuing with the Windows Reset.
I chose the option Continue (Exit and Continue to Windows Recovery Environment), it went back to a black screen with just the HP logo showing, then flipped back to the same blue screen with the same options.
So, this time I chose Troubleshoot (Reset your PC or see advanced options)
The Troubleshoot menu gives three options, Reset, Recovery or Advanced. I chose Reset.

This process went through the steps and worked.

Thanks for the F11 info :)
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