Laptop temperatures spike up to 85C

Jun 24, 2018
Laptop's a Lenovo Y520
Specs are:
Intel I7-7700HQ
Nividia 1060 6GB MaxQ

During BF1 for example,
CPU's norm is 82, and spikes up to 90C

CPU's 75C and spikes up to 84C

I'm unaware if those temperatures are fine considering it's literally been there for 10 days.


BF1 is CPU intensive so the CPU temps are as they should be. You didn't mention the sort of in-game details set for both the aforementioned titles. Higher presets would mean more taxation on your CPU and the GPU...and since this is a laptop, the heatpipe is unified.

If it's past your warranty, you could try and disassemble the laptop and replace the thermal paste with something of higher quality and also inspect the fans for dirt/debris. Other than that, you will need to mention how your game details and resolutions are set in-game.