Question Laptop turns on for a few seconds then turns of. No fan.

Jan 10, 2020

I have an HP Envy 15m-bp011dx, and the motherboard model # is 924309-601. When attempting to power the unit on, while plugged in (charging led is on), with or without the battery, the power indicator led briefly turns on then off and the fan never spins and no screen is displayed. The charging led also turns off with the power indicator led. If I reconnect the ac adapter, the charging led does come back on.

I attempted a power reset, which did not solve the problem. The ac adapter is delivering 19.7v, and I did try a different hp adapter with no luck. The ene start-up chip is receiving 3.3v. When attempting to power on the motherboard, a burning smell is given, which seems to be near the cpu. The fan does work in a different laptop.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this? Could the motherboard not be supplying the fan enough power, which forces it to quickly turn off? Could it be a bad start-up chip? Or is there a partial short somewhere else on the board?

Thanks in advance for reading the long post :)
I have fixed a motherboard in the past with a bad capacitor that was easy to find, but this problem is a bit confusing.
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