Laptop was working fine, videos still work, and games load up normally, but once in game around 4fps


Nov 21, 2015
I was playing LoL this morning and everything was fine, I go for a break and come back and now none of the games on my pc run at more than 5fps. I have no idea what to do though my pc dos say it installed a couple of updates to windows 10. I have no idea what to do so any advice would be appreciated. I know my computer is old and its no where near as fact as it used to be but this has come out of the blue and I'm worried I'm not going to be able to use this anymore.

Samsung R580
Windows 10 X64
Nvidia 310M


Nov 1, 2012
In windows 10 you have disable lots of stuff to get it back up to speed. Background services is what is killing you. Windows search,Themes,Cortana Just disabling those 3 things should give you back at least 5%-10% more speed back in control of you instead of those apps.
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