Solved! Laptop WiFi's very crap after replacing thermal paste


Jan 10, 2016
So the other day I got a cheap 'gaming' laptop of gumtree for £250. It is an ASUS K550JX with i7-4720hq and a GTX 950m 4gb with 8gb RAM. I installed a SSD and reinstalled windows and downloaded a game. My CPU and GPU was getting over 90c! So I took the laptop apart and replaced the thermal paste, bearing in mind that I've only ever done this with desktops. I believe that I've correctly replaced everything, now getting 50c in games, but my WiFi card isn't working that great at all, it works for about a minute then after that it just doesn't load up anything. Chrome sometimes pops up with an unresponsive error, so I've reinstalled drivers and chrome but no go. Ethernet works fine.

Kind regards, Kai


Jan 10, 2016
hmmmm. Ok I'm getting a 2nd hdd. So I will check it then, thanks. Could I buy a upgraded wifi card from ebay is well? Does it matter for what model it can be or can I just get any random one? THanks
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