Laptop will not charge even after new battery


Jun 1, 2015
The battery on my macbook pro has not been charging for quite some time. It would stay at 3% (with a charging cable plugged in, but the green light not showing) - not increase the charge. As soon as I took the cable out, the battery would go down to 2%, then 1%, then not turn on. Weeks later it would turn on and be at 3% again.

I thought it was a battery problem so I bought a new battery from amazon. It came charged at 60% percent and I discharged it down to 5% and then put the cable in. The light is still not green, and the battery life is staying at 5%. I've also tried using a different charging cable and the green light for that would not go on either. Does this mean it's an internal problem with my laptop and not my battery?

I will do anything and everything in my power to avoid going to apple to get it fixed or buying a new laptop, so please if anyone has ideas, send them this way.

Thank you!


The macbook is a 2010 (I know it's old. Please don't make me get rid of it) 13" Macbook Pro.
The new battery is a Lizone New Supper Capacity Laptop Battery for Early 2011 2012 Mid 2009 2010 Late 2011 version Apple A1322 020-6764-A