Laptop won't boot up properly.

Oct 7, 2018
So my Dell Latitude 6410 started going to the 'This PC couldn't start properly' Screen a while back, I tried to use the repair option and the system restore to no effect. Every time the PC started it would go to that screen.

So I decided to try to reinstall Windows 10 hoping that would solve the issue. During the preperation for the installation when the PC restarts it goes to a black screen with a flashing '_' , whatever I do I can't finish the installation or get the PC to boot.

Saga Lout

This sounds like a hard disk issue. If you can't get back in to the StartUp Repair options and take the Command choice to run Checkdisk, remove the drive and slave it to another PC.

The syntax at the Command Prompt to find and fix errors is:-
chkdsk //r
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