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    Question Laptop Slow after system restore

    I have an HP Pavillion Laptop (with a ryzen 5 3550H (i think) 16gb ram and a gtx 1050) It ran games perfectly fine (mainly play destiny 2) but ran it with the cpu at max load (its a laptop so i figured its fine) But decided the occasional overheat and forced reboot was annoying so i hoped to...
  2. O

    laptop repeatedly switching on and off at startup, and other problems

    (NOTE: SKIP TO THE 4TH PARAGRAPH FOR THE MAIN ISSUE) I restored to a system restore point on my thinkpad P52 (the drive of which is a Samasung 970 Pro SSD), and after the PC restarted, I saw a black screen with the spinning circle in the lower middle part of the screen indicating that...
  3. Q

    Solved! Acer stuck advanced otions

    So upset. I called Acer helpline. Man told me to turn computer on while hitting F2. Now I an stuck. None of the advanced options work. Was even able to do my own system restore. Computer said it was successful but I'm still stuck on Advanced options. please help
  4. R

    Solved! I did system restore on windows 10 acer laptop won't start has blue screen with error mgs

    Hi, I did a system restore on acer laptop (windows 10) blue screen with error mgs laptop won't start help.
  5. B

    Laptop won't boot up properly.

    So my Dell Latitude 6410 started going to the 'This PC couldn't start properly' Screen a while back, I tried to use the repair option and the system restore to no effect. Every time the PC started it would go to that screen. So I decided to try to reinstall Windows 10 hoping that would solve...
  6. D

    Solved! Toshiba satellite mouse stopped working

    Mouse stopped working, unable to system restore...New battery inserted....
  7. C

    Stuck on settings are being restored system restore is restoring the registry

    Stuck on settings are being restored system restore is restoring the registry. Asus laptop. Help!
  8. J

    HP laptop not loading

    Hi my HP laptop was working yesterday but Norton antivirus was playing up. In the evening it wouldnt load and was just stuck with a circle of dots spinning around. I tried restting it and then a system restore. The system restore said it wouldnt work as anti virus software needs to be disabled...
  9. T

    CNM 7DC Hard reset

    Hi! I've got a CNM 7DC tablet that's gone groggy and slow. I tried a system restore using the settings option but it hasn't helped. Does anyone know how to perform a hard reset. Iv'e googled it but none of what i've found works.
  10. D

    Solved! Help! Registry Errors .Net Fx not working :(

    I installed some registry cleaner software, it messed up with the registry it hasn't done any backup of the original registry / I have no backup or system restore point / :/ Also most windows apps cant load I've attached some sreenshots I appriciate if anyone can guide me to troubleshoot the...
  11. M

    CPU usage stuck at 30% All the time

    Hi. I need some help. my laptop recently became lag so i open up taskmgr and saw this. I have tried to ■ Reboot ■ Scan with antivirus ■ Run SFC and DISM ■ Use the ThrottleStop ■ Change the Processor State to...
  12. A

    My Pendo tablet got critical issues after updating its drivers

    Hi, I have a problem with my tablet after using Snappy Drivers to update its drivers. Audio no longer works, the touch screen doesn't work, the screen doesn't rotate to landscape mode and more. I created a system restore before the update and used it to roll-back but windows said it failed to...
  13. E

    Solved! Something on my laptop is stopping System Restore from opening

    Hello everyone. A few days ago I got a virus that has control over my browser. It can redirect google searches to Yahoo or Bing and it could shut the browser down when you enter the names or visit the websites of certain anti-virus programs. The latter problem has gone away but the former is...
  14. S

    Restore Toshiba C55-A5302

    The 0 key isn't working. When I do that, the only options I get are; Choose an operating system to start or press tab to select a tool. Then it shows windows 7 to select, or Tools: Windows Memory Diagnostic. Is there another way around?
  15. T

    Computer freezing, system restore failed

    I was recently streaming a movie online and accidently clicked on an ad. My computer instantly froze for about 10 seconds. I closed the new tab that popped up as soon as i could. But my pc now keeps freezing and has been doing so for the past 20 minutes every minute or so. I tried using system...
  16. V

    system restore point made when running system image backup

    Would the system restore point made right before running a system image backup recovery be able to work? As in take the laptop back to before the system image backup recovery happened?
  17. G

    Toshiba Registry Patch System Restore

    I was checking for some drivers on the Toshiba Support page and found what seems to be a fix for a Registry problem. This fix seems to be from about 4 years ago and not sure if it was part of an Update or not. I think the fix is still available to install but I think I better look again to make...
  18. Sean_34

    Solved! Nothing is working

    I've got a Toshiba Satellite C55 and I can't get it to start. I've tried system restore, image recovery, startup repair, essentially every recovery option. It just goes back to the startup menu. Any ideas?
  19. E

    Game Module has stopped working! HELP!

    Hi all, I am having an issue with the program stating Game Module Has Stopped Working. It was working perfectly before but now could not run at all. Have tried reinstalling system restore the day it was working but to no avail. Is there anyone that can help me out?
  20. J

    rca pro 12 tablet is having alot of app crashes ..with the "so and so" is not resonding message and now i got a message sayin

    app crashes on the pro 12 12.2 in system ui not responding message system restore and other suggestions welsome
  21. L

    Unwanted factory reset

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out why when I restart my HP laptop it goes into a factory reset. When I looked around and everything was gone. I did a system restore and got it back to yesterday's settings and everything is in their folders. Then I pulled the plug out (battery not able to charge...
  22. A

    My laptop has been doing this for several months. I do not have any idea when everything was working fine. Should I just perfo

    Laptop screen blinks on and off for several months now. Should I perform a Factory Reset instead of System Restore?
  23. B

    enable system protection in win7 from cmd prompt

    I have a ASUS G60JX that won't run windows. It trys to start but won't. at system restore it says I must enable system protection for this drive.I will have to do this from CMD. How
  24. D

    asus k401l stuck on aptio setup utility and normal solution doesn't work

    Hi my asus k401l is stuck on the aptio setup utility screen and the solution on these forums involves pressing f9 and initiating system restore. Problem is, it doesn't work when I press f9. I can't follow the steps and my issue remains unresolved. I have windows 10. Help?
  25. M

    How long does a system restore take on an Asus laptop

    I tried to restart my asus laptop after doing Norton live update. It tried to do a repair, but it couldn't and offered a system restore to a previous version. I chose restore but now all I have is the circle going in circles
  26. B

    Avast suddenly wants to restart my computer a lot.

    So I was just browsing, then it suddenly said it wanted to restart my computer so I said why not and did. Then my computer had a boot error like 3 times and did a system restore. When it finally got back to working, my LAN connection had the yellow ! triangle on it for about 10 minutes then now...
  27. J

    Lap not charging

    I am having a HP 450 notebook PC...since last week full charge level (100%) is not reaching and lap will get shut down without a warning! I tried uninstalling the battery adapter,hard reset and even system solution! Please help
  28. R

    Solved! Unable to restore Toshiba Satellite Laptop to Factory Settings.

    My computer became very slow and ended up with a virus. I had a friend try to reset it but in my opinion ended up worse because I was unable to connect to internet unless I used a D-Link adapter (while I luckily had). I've tried the 0, F8, F12, restore to previous point. I keep getting an...
  29. S

    My laptop is not getting logged in although keyboard is working well and lower case and upper case having no issues?

    My acer laptop is not getting logged in after filling the pin in sign in options. Keyboard is working great and lower case and upper case has no issues. even if the password is wrong, there seems no response and keeps loading on. Even I tried logging from microsoft account, but loading does not...
  30. J

    pc laggy af after system restore

    i had my pc restored because it was not booting now its slow af. laptop constantly freezes and unfreezes and its so frustrating to use. disk is at 100% alot of the time
  31. I

    How to truely reset a laptop?

    Hello all! So I got a couple of old laptops lying around and they are filled with a bunch of bloatware, trash, and probably some viruses as well. I was wondering how can I really clean the laptops, clean as in get rid of EVERYTHING. I don't mind losing anything, I just want functional laptops...
  32. C

    Solved! Some laptop keys not working

    My a and s keys suddenly stopped working. This only happened today but I got them working for maybe 10 minutes before it stopped again. I tried reinstalling the keyboard driver but it still doesn't work. I don't think it's stuck because I don't feel anything under the key when I press it. I'm...
  33. J

    I need a recovery disk for Satellite CL45-C4330 please

    My laptop is stuck in the beginning screen and keeps looping. I have tried system restore and just about everything else.
  34. G

    Asus laptop hangs after system restore

    Hello guys. So I recently got my new gaming laptop, installed my usual stuffs but when i try to update the Nvidia driver, it keeps giving me installation errors.. my friend suggested me to uninstall both intel & nvidia driver and reinstall the Nvidia driver so when i did that it f***** up my...
  35. L

    Can't remove virus.

    I have a virus, I am sure ntuserlitelist has something to do with it. It is stopping me from moving and deleting folders, using regedit, over 20 antivirus and third party programs, system restore, and various other things. I have spent four hours today going through tutorials and everything...
  36. X

    Solved! Trouble booting windows XP on Dell Inspiron Mini 10 after Troubleshooting/ attempted system restore.

    Having issues attempting to repair an old dell laptop. Inspiron Mini 10. The first issues arose after receiving an alleged update to Firefox..They manifested themselves in an error when attempting to launch MFF. That is to say, it wouldn't start. It said the runtime was not found. I then...
  37. T

    Solved! System restore hang

    I have done some changes that I want undone, so I want to go back to a restore point. The machine never finishes! After an hour I powered off and gave up. It starts as normal but does not restore. What is wrong?
  38. C

    Solved! Wiping out files when restoring system

    I have a laptop Gateway NE56R41u with Windows 10. I did a system restore on it and it wiped out most of the files I had in my Pictures, Music, Documents, and Downloads folders . Could they have been moved somewhere else
  39. B

    Huawei backup to Redmi restore

    Hi... I lost my huawei u19. But I have backup file (contacts.dp). Just now I bought Redmile 3s prime. I want to restore the huawei backup (contacts.dp) into my new Redmi mobile..... How I do it? Is there any 3rd party software? Note:I don't have huawei phone now
  40. watrhous

    System Restore VS Remote Hacker Software

    This lady was victim of a tech support scammer who she allowed to remote in and do God knows what to her computer. I was thinking of just syster restore to a few days before he did it, will this ensure any backdoors (or other exploits/changes) would be removed for him to come back later? Or...
  41. A

    HP Laptop running Win 8.1 wont boot, wont go into safe mode, denies there are restore points.

    I'm getting desperate here. I ALWAYS keep Windows Update turned off (I do not want to debate here whether that's good or bad, it's not the issue). Windows 8.1 tried to run it anyway on reboot. I tried getting into safe mood to shut off Windows Update, pressed F4 at the right time, safe boot...
  42. J

    Cannot connect to the Internet even after the System Restore....any ideas?

    I have been working with support from ASUS, Verizon (WIFI hotspot provider) and the Geek Squad. Nobody can seem to fix it. So I did the System Restore last night...still cannot connect-yet other devices in my home can. The WIFI jetpack is working fine according the Verizon. Does anybody have...
  43. L

    System Restore Error

    Can anyone help? My laptop mysteriously turn off while I was watching a movie and I could not get it turn on. I google the issue and they said to remove the battery but my laptop battery are built-in so I plugged in my charger instead and it turned back on, however everything was super slow. I...
  44. L

    How to override the administrative password on Dell Inspirion

    My Dell Inspirion main directory stopped working. Windows and none of the apps will load under the main account. When I go to the other directory/account on the same computer it will load but it won't allow me to change or add an another administrator, so I can do a system restore. Dell's only...
  45. J

    Control keys and num lock not work

    so they dont work I've tried like everything system restore,deleted keyboard and reinstalled. And got a tech to fix but he said he couldnt fix it and it was a software issue ;-;. My num lock use to have a led light on it but now it doesnt light up so I reinstalls the windows funtions key now it...
  46. C

    Acer Need factory restart, error at startup.

    I need to factory reset my acer computer. I hit Alt-f10 I get two options Troubleshoot and Turn off PC. I select Troubleshoot I get six options. System Restore System image recovery startup repair command promt firmwave setting go to previous build I choose system Restore I get a...
  47. C

    Infinite Boot Loop Windows 10, Refresh Just Errors, BIOS Cannot Detect Bootable USB, Need to reload Windows

    Hi using Asus G75VW, windows 10. Got a blue screen that said Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. Stop code: SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED What failed: nvlddmkm.sys (This is for graphics card) Was able to get out of infinite boot into recovery mode. Didn't work: Automatic...
  48. C

    Windows 7 freezing at logo preventing full boot

    Startup sequence not completeing after reaching Windows startup on screen. Windows logo shows but freezes there. Have done F8 and chose the typical ways to override the problem. So far, no luck. Can't do system restore either. Any suggestions for this satellite model C675
  49. M

    Asus screen loop

    I tried to do a system restore on my asus gaming laptop but there wasn't a restore point I had a friend try to help and now It's stuck looping the asus logo screen
  50. K

    How to restore bookmarks in Android?

    Hi guys! I have a complicated problem. For some reason my LG G Flex2 started restarting and various other problems. In one restart it actually made system restore to some previous condition. So my contacts, settings, Chrome bookmarks and history disappeared. Unfortunately I had not been logged...
  51. L

    space suddenly filled my C drive

    My Hard drive disk is full. When only Days ago it had enough space to sit yacht in between the end of the bar and the space i'd used already. I have tried deleting system restore points, deleting everything but necessary files. There is 0 space left, so i can't download a space search engine...
  52. J

    needing to find out what happen to my toshiba satellite

    Laptop comes on but monitor does not I was doing a system restore and when it said restarting and shut down the monitor never came back on
  53. N

    how do i fix my lonovo think pad?

    yesterday i performed a system restore on my lenovo thinkpad but in the process i lost everything including my OS. how can i get it back to working order?
  54. Shula 7

    Browse to DRIVERS Folder Location?

    Please, why does DRIVERS folder not appear in C:\Windows\System32 from AOMEI Backupper dialog to add driver for USB connected disk to create boot/restore media? I can browse to that DRIVERS folder location with Windows 7 Explorer but I cannot see it from software dialog. Under Folder Options...
  55. P

    Any Special Method Required for Lenovo Y50 Laptop System Restore?

    So I'm looking to perform a system restore on my Lenovo Y50 Laptop, but as I understand it, there is a small SSD used to house various drivers and other such things, do I need to worry about this? Windows seems to be installed on the main hard drive so theoretically it shouldn't do any sort of...
  56. D

    Can I safely install AMD updates to my laptop?

    Installation of the only AMD software update I remember doing, forced me to do a full system restore. Ever since then, I have been declining every AMD software-update announcement because I'm pretty-sure that, that automatically would just happen again. How can I determine why this happened...
  57. J

    Can you retrieve deleted history from google chrome

    Hi I was wondering if it is possible to get back your browsing history once deleted from google chrome? It was deleted in the manage activity web & app and I really need it back, if not all, just one specific day which was June 10th. I tried system restore but it does not see to work and my...
  58. X

    windowsactivate.exe rouge virus

    http:// ]Hey guys thanks in advance for taking the time to look at my post. So I've got a bad one here and im almost at my wits end. I've tried Malwarebytes, AVG, that trendsoft home thing, and a few others and they will not remove this virus. I can mostly easily explore around on it just not...
  59. K

    I tried to do a full system restore started it last Friday morning and it is still stuck at 64%

    My HP laptop had an issue that was making me mad so I started a full system restore May 20th at 08:00 and it is now May 23rd at 5:17 p.m. and it still isn't finished. It restarts every once in a while but goes right back to installing windows at 94% it is stuck in the same spot..
  60. J

    My Acer Aspire R3 wont get past the Acer load screen.

    I had to do a system restore on it and now it just restarts over and over sometimes a screen will come up saying that its at %64 done reinstalling windows 10 but restarts again allmost as fast as it came up