Solved! Something on my laptop is stopping System Restore from opening

Apr 14, 2018
Hello everyone. A few days ago I got a virus that has control over my browser. It can redirect google searches to Yahoo or Bing and it could shut the browser down when you enter the names or visit the websites of certain anti-virus programs. The latter problem has gone away but the former is still there. At one point whatever the virus is, it could also shut down explorer.exe as soon as you typed the letters "adw." I tried different anti-virus programs and asked for help on Tom'sguide and didn't get much feedback so at this point I would just like to system restore but system restore is being blocked. It also wouldn't open in safe mode. Anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance.
run process explorer (as admin!), and first suspend everything suspicious looking...

or, from an uninfected computer, put Roguekiller64 on USB, but name it 'notepad'