laptop repeatedly switching on and off at startup, and other problems

Jan 8, 2019
I restored to a system restore point on my thinkpad P52 (the drive of which is a Samasung 970 Pro SSD), and after the PC restarted, I saw a black screen with the spinning circle in the lower middle part of the screen indicating that somethingis loading, and a message at the top left saying ‘(A7) Me Fw Downgrade - Request MeSpiLock Failed’.
This was immediately followed by the usual login screen for Windows.

I shut down and restarted the PC multiple times within about an hour after that, sometimes after having interrupted normal startup and sometimes after entering the BIOS and exiting, all to examine various problems that were occurring at startup.
I saw the above-mentioned screen a further 2-3 times during those two to three startups, and it did not prove to be a regular occurrence.

Other various problems that occurred were that the message at startup saying to ‘press enter to interrupt normal startup’ (which you would usually do to go into the BIOS or for some system recovery process etc.) appeared after booting up after having shut down normally, whereas it usually would not appear unless I had been holding down ‘shift’ the last time I shut down (which may not be considered a problem but was unusual). Also, the message appeared one time and I pressed enter multiple times to interrupt normal startup (whereas I usually only have to do it once) but it did not work, despite working on occasions after that.

A persistent problem, however, was that, whenever I first press the power button to start up the PC, it would make a faint sound as if some hardware was powering on, and the keyboard would light up (as usual at startup), but then those lights would go out and then back on again (and the sound would repeat itself as well), and then they would go out a second time before coming back on (with the sound, again) and then the PC would boot as generally expected.
Thus, the keyboard would light up and go dark twice before the PC booted up, whereas before this, it had been lighting up only once and then the PC would boot as normal.
When the PC was plugged in, this would be supplemented by the Screen flashing on (displaying just a plain black screen) each time the keyboard lit up.
That sound at startup repeating itself makes me think that the PC may be switching off and on each time the keyboard lights up.

I tried recovering the system from a system image, thinking that the problem was caused by having restored it to a system restore point earlier, but to no avail.

I am not sure how these various problems are linked, if that is the case, nor whether the cause was the system restore point or that I had recently installed Intel(R) Management Engine Components (which I uninstalled, and it would otherwise be removed from the PC with the system image recovery) or something else not related the OS at all.

Any solutions? Any suggestions as to the potential causes?

See these for greater clarity about the problems mentioned:
black screen with message:
unusual startup (while plugged in; not plugged in is the same but without the flashing screen):
Jan 8, 2019

As far as I can tell, I am on the latest BIOS update. The Lenovo Vantage app which is supposed to handle notifying me of updates available for this sort of stuff isn't informing me of any update for the BIOS after I checked, just one pending for the camera (and now that I am on the topic, I have just seen that there is a problem with my network adapter so I am not even getting any Wifi on the laptop).
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