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  1. H

    Laptop running slow after system restore

    I had to system restore after my laptop stated that there was no graphics drivers and was trying to reinstall all my programs so I restarted in safe mode and did a system restore. When it was all done everything seemed to be fine except when I tried to run any program it would tell me that a...
  2. K

    Dell Inspiron N5110 - Reboot and select proper Boot device - Win7 Home

    Hi guys, I have a problem in my laptop Situation: 1. When Turning on the laptop, there's an error saying "reboot and select proper boot device" and there's a sound coming from CD Rom or HDD i think 2. Boot disk is already set to HDD in BIOS 3. when asking for an option repair or start...
  3. C

    looking for a genius

    i wiped my hard drive clean and shut down incorrectly ,now i cant get it to start up at all doesnt do any thing after safemode have tried everything end up black screen and cursor any help please
  4. S

    back up help

    i did a full system restore of my laptop but before hand i backed up all of my files onto a memory stick when i tried to put my files back onto the laptop they came out in code how do i fix this?
  5. B

    Lenevo keeps restartinga

    On my Lenevo x61s laptop keeps resarting and bluescreened once. I did a system restore but it still restarts. Looking around I finally went to system information and I see the wireless adapter I had tryed to install twice. It had said that it had not installed when I tryed. All other adapters...
  6. A

    Complete system recovery

    Trying to conduct a complete system recovery with the three restore discs. All I can locate is system restore which is no help. Can you instruct me on where to go or how to begin the process?
  7. J

    Frozen cursor in middle of screen

    Hello, hi i have a acer aspire 5532 and the cursor has froze in the middle of screen i have tried system restore i have tried fn + f7 i cannot download drivers as cannot get into anything that requires mouse movement please advise i am writing this off my other laptop
  8. A

    Usual cause of system restore on laptop fail to restore

    Hi i have my daughters laptop toshiba l300 running windows 7 when it starts the message( vajpn is compressed press cntr-alt-del) upon doing so it reboots and then comes back with the same message over and over again,have run repair disc but still comes up with same message,any help would be...
  9. B

    Usual cause of system restore on laptop fail to restore

    Hello, my asus laptop has been dropping a strongish wifi signal every so many minutes and all efforts to restore have failed so far..unidentified error..i've rechecked most drivers that i can..any ideas?
  10. J

    Acer laptop have to system restore everytime I boot

    Hello, My acer laptop has had this problem for about a month now and I figured it is about time I looked to fix it. The problem is everytime i boot the laptop it simply will not boot and will go to a dark screen with just a mouse cursor forcing me to turn it off and switch it back on again...
  11. F

    Best Alternative Program to Windows' System Restore?

    Does anyone know of a better system restore program other than Windows' version? I've heard of Rollback Rx but I've read some questionable things and that's basically the only thing I've found. I'm not looking for a hard drive mirror/full backup program in case my computer crashes. I back up...
  12. A

    Free toshiba recovery download for NB200

    Dear sir How can i get a Manufacturer supplied system restore disc to get my Toshiba back to Factory spec.settings. My harddrive has been replaced so I have no poto image and restore drive inserted. Thanks Achmat.
  13. H


    Hello, does anyone know where i can download Toshiba windows 7 system restore?
  14. L

    Youtube videos are distorted

    I have XP and this just started after a flash player up date. I did a system restore as far back as 11/29/12 and I still have the problem. I only have this problem with youtube. How can I fix this problem to restore the youtube the way it was before?
  15. B


    Hello, system restore taking hours.. stopped, restarted and pressed f8, started loading windows files but has stopped and not completed task... what next ?
  16. T

    L505d-5983 no usb

    i have the same problem as many the usb ports will not work and the sound will not work tried installing drivers did system restore still same thing has anyone got a solution other than buying new motherboard
  17. O

    Installation issues after system restore

    Hello All, I installed the Adobe Captivate 6 trial (over Captivate 5.5) last Friday with 0 problems. This weekend I had major issues with my AMD HD Radeon 5450 video card driver after changing my resolution and scaling in the Catalyst Control Center. I think I found my resolution for that issue...
  18. E

    PC startup problems

    Hello, My Dell won't reboot. I did a system restore. It did not work. I had only one restore point to choose from. I tried to repair the OS from the factory CD. Is been running a start up repair for hours going in cicles. I tried to reboot from a rebootable CD. I set the BIOS to boot from a...
  19. K

    Hi.... I have a C655D-S5509 Toshiba Laptop windows wont load ! trying to do a sy

    I have a C655D-S5509 Toshiba Laptop windows wont load ! trying to do a system restore, I tried holding zero while turning machine on, didnt work, can u help please ?
  20. P

    Error message for system restore

    My system will not restore error message 0x80071a91
  21. P

    Operating System Restore for PCG-7Y1L

    I need to install more space on my laptop but need a operation system restoration disk, how do I get one.
  22. A

    Needing a Recovery Disk for Toshiba NB100

    I have a Toshiba NB100 and my system crashed and I need to wipe it completely clean and start out brand new again. Originally, it came with a system restore disk, but I am not able to find it. (I am thinking my 2 yr old might have thrown i in the garbage without me knowing... I have turned my...
  23. G

    My xp emachine wont system restore

    Hello, i have a emachine laptop KAV60 model, due to a virus i am unable to system restore my laptop, is there any way of factory resting my laptop as any downloads of anti virus i download is then not accepted to open as the virus has taken over
  24. L

    How to do a system restore on toshiba laptop Satellite m115 s3094

    Earlier today my laptop told me I had a virus. It locked my computer up. I am trying to restore it to factory settings but to no avail. I hold the 0 key and it will beep, then it shows the windows loading screen and then goes black. I have tried enabling the vga mode and booting in safe mode...
  25. B

    How to do a system restore on toshiba laptop Satellite A665D

    Hello, How do I fix a toshiba laptop when it was working fine yesterday and it won't open windows. It said there must have been a problem with software or hardware that was just installed and nothing was installed. I thought about trying to do a system restore back a couple of days before this...
  26. B

    Solved! E machine with black screen and flashing cursor?

    I did a system restore today on my emachine notebook, and it will not reboot, lights are on, monitor is black with a blinking cursor in the top left hand corner... I have all my studio software and mixes in this note book and is imperative that I get it fixed ASAP, please help Thank You B peters
  27. scottjo64

    Adobe Acrobat standard 8 installtion

    Hi there, I recently and reluctantly, had to restore my Dell using the system restore. Everything is gone of course and I'm reinstalling software. I have my Acrobat V8 original disk but I cannot find the sleeve with the serial number. I've looked everywhere of course, I called tech...
  28. M

    Solved! Undo system restore in laptop

    my husband accidentally click the SYSTEM RESTORE button, and all the files, pictures disaapear. How can i get all the files, movies and pictures on my laptop back?
  29. P

    Norton gone wierd after system restore [still need answer]

    I just uninstalled norton from my computer. After starting to restart from the norton uninstaller, an error message that said something about norton popped up and the computer shut down before I was able to read it. After I booted up again, I restored the system to an earlier uninstalling of...
  30. M

    Windows 7

    After system restore in Windows 7 I cannot open the application that I accidentally uninstalled. Open is the application. The icon appears, but when I click on it, it does not open. Why?
  31. J

    Please wait installing ccleaner output folder: c:program filesccleaner cant writ

    Had a system problem so I did a system restore. Now that I am trying to get things back up and going it seems that programs I download from microsoft or elsewhere I get cant access c:\. Denied and program wont load. Please help
  32. D

    Solved! My net pal is tying wrong letters

    Hello, my kids disney asus net pal netbook types wrong letters. The l types out mn and the k 9k. I tried to do a system restore and it's still not typing right
  33. N

    Why cant I connect to my wifi

    Hello, Laptop working perfectly then next boot would nor connect to the wifi router, Cannot get a webpage, Did a system restore back one week and it worked but this morning on booting could not log on again! Another system restore and it works hence writing this! Something is wrong. Any help...
  34. T

    Driver conflicting with my game?

    I've recently been playing the game Vindictus, and randomly started to blue screen after a few minutes or a few hours of playing. My friend said he had a similar problem when he tried playing ArmA. He told me to use Driver Verifier to see if it was a driver issue, and sure enough right when I...
  35. G

    Black screen

    Hello, I was having problems with my computer so did a system restore , whilst doing this it froze so i turned the computer off by the manual power button, now when i turn it on i get the dell logo appear then it goes to a black screen with nothing
  36. K

    Solved! Broken lcd laptop - Need to perform system restore to sell

    I have a Sony Vaio VGN-Z540. LCD is broken. Trying to do a system restore so I can sell it. I have an external monitor, but it won't register until in Windows. Any idea of how to accomplish this? Fn+F8 does not work. Nor does keeping laptop closed and powering on (cannot power on like this).
  37. K

    Is there another way to restore my computer w/o the system restore progam?

    Hello, a while back i accidentally deleted the 2003 microsoft office pkg. that came with my computer. i wanted to upload back unto my computer so i inserted the microsoft disc that came with my computer. upon turning my computer on i found that my computer had everything erased on it. my photos...
  38. T

    Toshiba computer won't restore! I need to restore it pronto!

    Hello, disk recovery won't work, system restore won't work, nothing works to restore this TOSHIBA computer! It has the blue screen of death. Any suggestions?
  39. L

    System restore won't run

    Hello, I have a Dell 1745 running x64 on Windows 7. The problem i have is that I'm unable to get system restore to run. If i press the F8 key and then 'repair computer' it simply re-starts the computer and doesn't run the re-install. I tried with Dell Datasafe and that also had the same...
  40. L

    Solved! HELP

    i did a system restore on my laptop now it has a black screen with a blinking curser
  41. G

    Solved! Toshiba startup Operating System Restore disc

    Hello, My computer said i had a virus on it. and i tried restarting my computer and now it wont do anything after the toshiba logo all i get is the black screen I tried all of the solutions the f12 the f8 holding 0 buttons nothing works is this the end for my computer
  42. N

    System restore and emails

    Hello, I merged my outlook emails from my broken laptop's hard drive with those on my PC. Unfortunately it took me over the 2GB limit for Outlook 2000 (oops) which no longer works. Will a system restore to a point prior to the merge revert Outlook to the pre-merged state? Many thanks
  43. R

    Diver Whiz-How do I uninstall it.?

    I need to get rid of this Driver Whiz. I have tried system restore, but even that does not get it off. Now every time I start my computer this Windows Installer keep poping up.
  44. C

    Glide2x.dll error

    After a system restore on XP I can't get a favorite game to load. I get a "GlideInitEnvironment:glide2x.dll expected Voodoo Graphics, none detected" message. The game worked fine before this. Any suggestions on how to fix? I tried downloading the glide2x.dll and putting it in my windows...
  45. M

    How To do a complete restore for Acer laptop

    Hello, Recently my laptop start to run REAL slow & I discovered that the C Drive is almost full even when I hardly save anything there except for my iTunes library which contains about 1000 songs. Tried everything to fix the situation, even system restore. Nothing works, so I'm thinking of...
  46. H

    Solved! I think i damaged my toshiba a205 wont do a system recover

    I have a Toshiba A205 and I shut it down manually (I know.. it's bad) and when it restarted it ALWAYS goes straight to repair windows and it's never successful. So I tried to do a System Restore and I just get an error message and nothing happens.. what do I do now? I'm really worried that it'll...
  47. G

    How to reset gateway LT2104u

    what to press for a system restore? i am unable to boot into windows 7 starter either normally or in safe mode without this fake antivirus popping up. thanks
  48. T

    Solved! Acer labtop system restore

    I have an acer labtop that now has a virus that wont even let me download norton to it. i have tried to restore it back to factory setting but I am getting no where fast. I don't have any recovery discs or made in back up disc. How do I restore my computer???
  49. R

    Solved! Panasonic cf 45 wont start windows ask for password

    Hello,i have a panasonic toughbook cf-45, all of a sudden wont start windows and ask me for a password.Wont even let me go to system restore. Can somebody help? thanks.
  50. chedderslam1976

    Solved! Can't restore VIAO laptop

    A customer recently gave me a laptop that was having problems. After looking at it, we decided the best option was to back up what data we could and do a system restore. I ordered the restore dvds from Sony. When I try to do a system restore, I get the message "The c: is too small". I called...
  51. L

    Deleted Owner User and lost outlook files

    I was asked to delete the user Owner, as my friend said she never used it. But when that was done, all her old emails and contacts were gone. The .pst file for her, User Mary, had been under Docs and Settings..Owner. Will system restore get this old .pst restored?
  52. 10hellfire01

    Security Tool Rogue Anti-Virus Help?

    Hey everyone! I was multitasking and acidentally downloaded something (wasn't paying attention) and I think it turned out to be Security Tool :pfff: . Eventually the "virus!" pop-ups started to appear. So I got instructions and got rid of it via Malwarebytes and HijackThis. Ran it in safe...
  53. M

    Guys, I Have one major problem

    I was downloading all my files from the camera in to laptop in one single folder. At some particular point i lost my camera and went to the store to get another one. When my little brother was trying to sync all the photos next time and I was not home because he wanted to use the camera he...
  54. D

    CCC error?

    When I first installed Catalyst Control Center, it worked fine. However, due to various circumstances, I had to use system restore a bunch of times. Afterward, I reinstalled CCC, but I get the usual Microsoft message when I open it: Catalyst Control Center: "Monitoring program has encountered...
  55. K

    Vista not genuine after changing hard disk

    I got a Toshiba laptop. I changed the hard disk and installed the Vista using the system restore disk that came along with the laptop. But I got the message that saying my Windows Vista is not genuine. How can I solve that? Thanks in advance.
  56. buwish

    HP tx1308nr WLAN issue

    Hey all, I'm curious as to if anyone can solve an issue that I am having with an HP tx1308 (vista) WLAN internal card. I noticed a few days ago that the wireless LAN would not turn on via the switch on the laptop, nor would it show up in the device manager. I did the usual driver reinstall to...
  57. I

    How to recover files lost after a SYSTEM RESTORE in XP?

    A friend with XP Home used the SYSTEM RESTORE function to restore a slow operating system. In the process the friend lost all her Outlook emails and her My Docs folder. What is the best way ( if there is a way) to recover those files lost when she performed the Restore function? Thank you.
  58. D

    Collections lost in Windows Movie Maker

    Thanks for having me! I lost all my hard earned clips in my collections from Windows Movie Maker after at least a hundred hours of edeting, twice, and was told that it could be from having performed a "System Restore". Can anyone help suggest a way to avoid this from happening in the future...
  59. G

    tivo series 2 question: pixlated channel changes

    Archived from groups: (More info?) (1) Our 14 month old 40 GB Tivo Series II has recently started pixelating/freezing images briefly at each channel change. These last for maybe 1 to 3 seconds, and then everything is fine. I've deleted unneeded recordings...tried a...
  60. G

    System Restore

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Is there a way to quickly restore account settings in a PocketPC when the battery goes dead? We have to re-enter multiple email accounts.