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    AlienWare 14 Black Screen W/

    Black screen after windows start up. Woke up this moring opened my book and started the computer and then it happened. Has the logo and moves but no sound. (not even sure if its off mute or not) has the mouse in view and can move it. It was connected to an external monitot when this happened...
  2. D

    Inaccessible Boot device error on win10 startup

    Hi there, I have some big problem. My notebook freeze and it says that INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error. And then automatically restart system. And then it shows me Troubleshoot. I tried to reset my PC with options: "Keep my files" and then it says "The drive where Windows is installed is...
  3. C

    Lenovo G500s - Whole screen has become pink/purple

    I have Lenovo g500s notebook with windows 10. After switching on my laptop today, my laptop screen has turned pink/purple with vertical white lines. And only a small horizontal portion on top is coming in normal colors. Even during boot up, the original black background is coming as green...
  4. M

    Windows 7 Laptop Freezing After 30Mins of use

    My laptop of almost 4 years running Windows 7 recently started having freezing/shutdown problems. In the beginning, everything worked for about 10 minutes before freezing. Once it froze, upon hitting ctrl+alt+delete I would get the message: "Failure to display security and shutdown options" on a...
  5. H

    System Recovery Fail on Windows

    Recovery stops and a small window pops-up.Top of window Reducer. Inside window.C:\Rm\ Image\Temp Base Win was not found.Tried recovery disc from another laptop worked fine.
  6. P

    Toshiba Satellite c55-a laptop Reboot Loop

    I rebooted my toshiba satellite c55-a laptop. It worked last night but this morning it' keeps looping back to the Microsoft Winodes factory restore screen. How can I fix it?
  7. K

    Unmountable boot Volume Win 10 blue screen

    I recently upgraded my advent Sienna 700 laptop to windows 10 pro. After a few days, I get a blue screen reading unmountable boot volume. My laptop has been restarting ever since. I tried reinstalling windows with the windows installation drive but that didn't work. How do i reset my laptop...
  8. S

    Factory reset not progressing beyond 33% - Lenovo Laptop, Windows 10

    Hi, I tried to factory reset my laptop (Lenovo, Windows 10). It progressed up to 32% and is stuck there for more than 12 hours. What to do? How can I discontinue the reset and can I start afresh?
  9. 1

    Toshiba Satellite I can only get to my desktop through safe mode.

    My Toshiba will only show the desktop in safe mode otherwise the screen will be black. I have to re-start the computer in safe mode, do a system restore, and then I will be able to see the desktop. Each time I have to start the computer this way regardless of the system restore every time.
  10. C

    I need help with my laptop!

    My DELL laptop will not work right and it all started when I was in the chrome browser and a little pop-up happened in the Corner of the screen saying there was a update that needed to be installed so i clicked it. It shut the laptop down and a screen came up that was moving up down left and...
  11. C

    File name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect ...

    Asked about this over in the windows 7 forum but have had no replies, when I download any .exe files and try to run them it gives me this error, can't work out why, read multiple fixes but none of them work for me, some people have fixed it by changing where the downloads save to because...
  12. L

    Virus - Stuck in Attempting Repair Windows 10

    My dell touch laptop purchased 2 years ago got a pop up virus and now I am stuck in attempting repair over and over again. It doesn't work and always goes back to the same options after it says that. I can't log in or even get to the part were they ask me for my password to get in. I tried all...
  13. M

    Anyone who knows how to use Macrium Reflect?

    I'm thinking of upgrading to Windows 10 but just to be on the safer side I want to keep a complete system backup so that I can restore my system(with Windows 7) the way it is right now. I downloaded and installed Macrium Reflect- free edition for non commercial use but I don't know how to use...
  14. J

    Windows 10 scanned/fixed my computer and sound is no longer working

    Hello folks. This problem has been extremely annoying, so I'm just hoping that someone can help me out. My computer is ASUS X550JK. I'm using Windows 10 for more than 6 months now and I had no problems since yesterday when my computer decided to scan and fix the disc. I turned on my...
  15. S

    Laptop won't boot up

    The laptop is an ASUS G50Vt-X1. Specs: Centrino 2 Nvidia 9800m GS 512mb 4 gb ddr2 Windows 10 It also has this mini-os that boots up to speed up starting time, there's no option to disable this. Not sure if it could be at fault. So, this laptop was given to my friend for free, and he couldn't...
  16. A

    I want to wipe my Acer Aspire 5100-3583 clean

    Nothing on here has been accurate to help me with my computer so far, I was wondering if someone could explain to me how to do it in layman's terms, I'm not a tech wiz so I don't know all the technical terms for when to hit what buttons like boot and bios. I need simple answers, a step by step...
  17. J

    Samsung series5.windows7 wont load

    I have a samsung series5 notebook.i turn it on and it says loading windows files.Half way through it just wont open or anything.It wont even let me system restore.PLEASE HELP ME!
  18. N

    Acer aspire S3: black screen with cursor after restoring image

    Hi there, whatever I do: "F2", "Alt F10" or "Ctrl I" the result is just a big cursor at the upper left side on the screen - not even blinking. BIOS is not accessible. Pressing "F12" results in a menu: HDD and USB device or alternatively external CD-ROM - but none of them is booting. Downloaded...
  19. G

    exe is opening with notepad

    this my first question here, i opened cmd with notepad to see binary code, but now everytime i open something it opens with notepad, system restore does, and i tried regedid but nothing worked, what should i do
  20. T

    HP Pavillion X2 2-in-1 wont turn on

    So my x2 wouldnt let me log in for some reason so i decided to go to system restore so while its was preparing itself (lemme remind you that i just clicked on the option so there weren't even any options up yet) i decided to change my mind and go a different route so I shut it off now it wont...
  21. R

    Microphone is picking up headphone sound and not my voice!?

    Hello, This problem started last night and i have been pulling my hair out trying to get this fixed. I have tried everything including system restore going back a few days and nothing has worked. I have a Realtek headset and mic (Don't know which one) Is there any way i can make it pick up my...
  22. W

    Can someone help me figure out what this unidentifiable "Data" partition is on my used ASUS Windows 7 latptop?

    I recently fried my video card on my HP 2000 laptop by being careless with the HDMI output. I thought finding a replacement PC was hopeless until my mother dropped her ASUS notebook and broke the display. She wasn't upset by the incident since the PC is 4 years old. Despite it's age the ASUS...
  23. X

    Good antivirus alternatives for windows 10? (not bitdefender please)

    So I'm in a need of good antivirus solution for windows 10. Bitdefender really fail hard in my windows 10 system, even the uninstalling tools can't uninstall it completely and the apps always fail after system restore. What I need: -Adequate protection when browsing (but doesn't slow down...
  24. S

    Lenovo s410p (windows 8.1) stuck on automatic repair loop

    Hi, I have a 1.5 year old lenovo Ideapad that is operating on windows 8.1. For the past 2 days, I have not been able to access windows. It just keeps auto-repairing and diagnosing. I've tried system restore from 2 points..both times it took hours and then I got an error message that it did not...
  25. G

    Bluetooth device connected to Windows 7 laptop - but no audio

    Hi all, I recently had a problem where my bluetooth device (a hifi connected to a laptop) disappeared / was not discoverable. A system restore fixed it. However, now, the device is visible, and is showing as connected, but no sound comes from the speakers. A system restore did not fix the...
  26. A

    C Drive Ownership issues - Need Help With System Restore

    I purchased a new laptop for my daughter recently. We encountered some trouble moving files from her old computer to the new laptop over the network. After looking online for a solution, I changed the ownership of the C drive. Bad idea. It has caused all sorts of problems. It created issues...
  27. S

    Toshiba repair error

    Hi. I bought a toshiba c50b-14z laptop with windows 8.1. I want to istall windows 7 for that. I delete the partition, and I format it, but that type of windows don't like that kind of partition (GPT or somthing like that). I want to do the factory reset, and it's not working. I tried everything...
  28. Man1ac123

    I need help with system files?

    Hello guys. Lately my laptop (PC Notebook HP ENVY dv6-7280sp ) takes a lot of time when booting but yesterday something happened. On the task bar on the right side(dont know the name) there are less programs then before. On startup some programs dont start like avg for example. My sound icon...
  29. M

    broken capslock since system restore

    How can I fix it? My laptop is an Acer Aspire V5/Windows 8.1. I did a System Restore on the computer which went well with no problems. The reason for the restore was that the computer was lagging behind badly - taking as much as 5 minutes just to boot up. And going from one app to another was...
  30. R

    Acer screen is broken

    ok so i have a acer one aspire notebook that i got from a friend it has been system restored but the problem is in transport to my house the screen got badly damaged and is cracked everywhere badly so i can't do the system restore setup point how can i extend my acer screen to another computer i...
  31. P

    Help Please! Updated Graphic Problem

    Hello, help please, I tried to update my graphic cards this morning so when it said reboot, I rebooted and then there are 2 grids and the screen is weird, i tried system restore and it didnt work. Help?
  32. S

    How do I reset to factory settings a hp PC running windows xp

    Windows xp does not work, The system restore does not work either and I don't have any xp discs as it was preinstalled. There is however a recovery partition before junking the PC I wanted to try and repair the windows operating system. Can anybody offer any help?
  33. T

    Graphics card missing

    Hi everyone, I was trying to delete some programs from my laptop and by mistake i deleted my graphics drivers. As soon as i figured out my mistake i did a system restore and everything went back to normal but only for about a week. Since then i have to do a system restore every week because when...
  34. I

    Shortcut Virus (Creates .ink in USBs), Disabled msconfig, CCleaner, System Restore. Tried EVERYTHING, help!!!

    Hello guys! TL;DR: an USB pendrive infected me, now it creates shortcuts on usbs, also msconfig, regedit, system restore, and everything related is disabled. halp. 2 days ago, a friend of mine wanted to show me a video he was working on, so he proceeds to insert his USB pendrive, when i open...
  35. T

    Computer Freezes and laggs

    I am using toshiba satellite running Windows 8.1 OS. A day or two ago I was playing Minecraft and the laptop started to have "odd" moments where it would freeze, and when the computer kept going, the server understood what my actions where. But it jumped from for example mid air to directly on...
  36. D

    Nvidia GT 740m problem (Laptop)

    Here's the deal Recently I've had a bad chain of events happens to me. I all started the other day when I noticed my laptop on my desk had the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen of death) I don't quit remember the error I think it was something like VIDEO_TDR Failure (Something along these lines) After...
  37. S

    gateway laptop not mine, nephews. opens to black screen

    opens to black screen and can not f8 or anything. know machine is running how to get past black screen so that i can system restore
  38. A

    Nvidia driver not working in Nvidia GTX 580m

    I can't install any driver for my Graphics card where the old one 331.23 was removed. Now system restore also can't roll to previous driver. Currently without nvidia driver, can u plz help?
  39. C

    No recovery partition to do a complete system restore

    Hello, Because I had my laptop repaired, it was not until recently that II realized that my system recovery files were no longer present. I had tried the "Copy recovery partition to usb" option when creating a system restore to a usb, but the option was unavailable. When trying to conduct a...
  40. K

    tried system restore but hp laptop has no partition

    How can I reset my HP laptop (Windows 8.1) back to factory defaults when it says it doesn't have a partition to perform the task? I have tried restore points that didn't help get rid of the issues I'm having. Thanks for any help!
  41. C

    How do I get rid of this?

    My friends laptop has got a virus on it and no matter how much its disabled/deleted it keeps coming back. Does anyone know how to remove it entirely without a system restore? This is a screenshot of the extension it shows as in chrome:
  42. C

    Toshiba Satellite S70-a shuts down every 30 minutes.

    Toshiba Satellite S70-a crashes every 25 to 30 minutes, I have tried every virus/malware/adware scan I can think of, I've updated, tried a system restore, used compressed air on the fan, tried running on a/c and battery. The thing shut down without warning regardless of what I'm doing like...
  43. R

    Samsung laptop system restore issue

    My Samsung laptop installed some updates on Windows 7, and when I turned it on it wouldn't log in. It would only let me shut down or restart. I managed to access Samsung recovery where I ended up system restoring to the first day I got the laptop and it has wiped all my files and settings and...
  44. T

    Any way to undo damage from KeyHolder Ransomware?

    I got a Trojan or something because Microsoft Security Essentials was sounding alarm bells and a scan with Anti-Malware was bringing up stuff too. After some guaranteeing and rebooting I thought I had gotten rid of the problem. But later when I started Firefox all my addons were missing, which...
  45. T

    I cannot boot into windows

    I cannot boot windows 7. It gives me an error and when I go into the system restore it cannot fix it. When you go into the prompt to choose which install to fix it just isn't there. I am using the windows install disk to get into the prompts and doing the master boot file fix doesn't do...
  46. U

    Recovery data from a "dead" Samsung Note 1.

    I would like an explanation or clarification that may seem funny, but I'm trying to understand. Is there any hope to find some files on my smartphone (Galaxy Note 1) after a failed update? My phone is not working. How do I restore my ROM Samsung, if this can be done? Because I'm more interested...
  47. I

    system restore problem

    I have a sumsung i5 windows 8.1 and i tried to recover some file i deleted. But upon recovery i canceled the process then the system entered into aptio setup utility automatically. I tried the process with the CSM selection then i reboot pressing F9 the suddenlly reboot and select proper boot...
  48. A

    System Restore freeze

    So I updated drivers for my Radeon HD 5870 graphics card, resolution seemed odd and I couldn't change it. So I did a system restore and now whenever my laptop starts it freezes on the windows logo with the "starting windows" and if I start in safe mode it freeze on the CLASSPNP.SYS Can't seem...
  49. tomsguideUS

    How to Use System Restore in Windows

    Sometimes, things just go wrong in Windows. Maybe you have a bit of a software glitch and everything is just crashing, and you know things didn’t used to be this way. In these instances a System Restore may be the best option, to simply roll back the clock and put the system back to where it was...
  50. MrJak

    Windows 8.1 Update Keeps PC from booting.

    Recently my mother's laptop, a fujitsu, has quit booting. It displays the error, "A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed." The first time it happened, we were able to do a system restore, and determined it to be due to an update, but instead of restoring it again, I tried to fix...
  51. D

    windows 8.1 after update laptop sreen blinks

    hi i have a lenovo laptop, i did an update on windows 8.1, after update is done, laptop restarts and windows start to open, then screen starts to blink, i tried doing a system restore by using F8, but it dose not restore even after i go through the process to do a system restore. is the any...
  52. J

    Laptop Screen not working

    Yesterday i turned my laptop on, and got no picture. The backlight was still working though. After a system restore, the screen began to work perfectly fine. Today there is no picture again. Doesnt seem like a fault with the screen, for some reason its not recognizing it Troubleshooter is...
  53. J

    how can i restore my compaq presario to factory settings?

    I have a compaq presario CQ56 and when i click system restore it says this "system restore does not appear to be functioning correctly on this system. A volume shadow copy service component encountered an unexpected error. Check the application event log for more information. (0x80042302)"
  54. P

    Satellite L645D-S4033 Boot issue

    I had an issue with booting on this model laptop. I pressed the power button and the laptop would just make HD noise. I suspected HD failure but after a few tries of Power on/off the laptop gave me a software failure and choices to choose how I wanted to fix this. I followed the system...
  55. V

    laptop won't start up without system restore

    Please, I need urgent help.. My laptop won't turn on withou system restore and I don't want it to happen. As I wasn't expecting I didn't have backup files and now I can't creat them blecause I've to do the restore. Is there anyway to stop it or, at least don't lose photos or documents. I have...
  56. shar1961

    recovery discs please

    Hi all, I own a Toshiba Satellite Laptop Windows 7, A665-3DV1. There are no Discs with this. The System restore is not working. It has been serviced 3x. Is there a free recovery for all components? Thank you in advance.
  57. N

    Spilled a small amount of coffee on my laptop, keyboard stopped working 20 minutes later, any fixes?

    exactly like the topic, not working, already rebooted and turned off and on again, should I try a system restore? I don't mind a external keyboard, but first i want to make sure that the problem cannot be fixed first.
  58. J

    Can't recover from system restore

    Toshiba satellite e205-s1980.So the computer store diagnosed a bad hdd after I/o errors and no boot. so I Purchased a samsung pro 840 ssd and installed it. I can now get the system recovery menu, but get error messages through every option. I have a system image on an external hdd but that...
  59. H

    Laptop running slow after system restore

    I had to system restore after my laptop stated that there was no graphics drivers and was trying to reinstall all my programs so I restarted in safe mode and did a system restore. When it was all done everything seemed to be fine except when I tried to run any program it would tell me that a...