How to restore bookmarks in Android?


Nov 15, 2016
Hi guys!
I have a complicated problem. For some reason my LG G Flex2 started restarting and various other problems. In one restart it actually made system restore to some previous condition. So my contacts, settings, Chrome bookmarks and history disappeared. Unfortunately I had not been logged in Chrome so I can't retrieve the bookmarks through my account. Google account stores some activity but for now I don't see a way to retrieve my bookmarks and history from google servers. Does anyone has an idea what I can do to get my bookmarks? Are there some kind of restore points as in Windows and can I make a system restore to my previous state and get the bookmarks? Is it possible to restore Bookmarks files or backup from the system drive somehow? I don't have root access at the moment. Any ideas would be helpful!
There aren't restore points on a phone or tablet, running Android, like there would be in windows. Even the windows tablets and phones I don't believe have those.

Once something is deleted from a device, it is usually totally gone. Especially things associated with a specific app, like those would be. That said, you can try the following to see if it would work, but there is no guarantee.

There are a few apps/programs out there that 'may' be able to help you recover the data.

A few of the programs you could try would be... DiskDigger, MobiSaver, Android-Recovery and Tenorshare. They are all data recovery apps/programs. There are many others out there, so check around and see which you would rather try. There is also one called RECUVA, that I have heard is free, which you could try.

One important note though, most of these programs are not free. They may say they are "free" or have "Free Trials" and "Free Downloads". Yet to actually recover your data, and get your files back, you may be have to purchase the program/app. Just so you know.

NOTE: For future reference, I really would suggest backing up your data to a computer or cloud. Often. Better to spend the time doing that, rather than to be out all that stuff if the phone dies, things get deleted/erased or it gets stolen.


Nov 15, 2016
Before I can try data recovery I need to know where Chrome stores user data like bookmarks and history in Android systems.
I have seen somewhere in forums that this is the folder /data/data/
but that doesn't seem to be true by now. In my old rooted samsung with Android 4.0 /data folder is absolutely empty.
So does anybody know where Chrome bookmarks are saved in Android devices?


Nov 15, 2016
My phone is rooted and unrooting will really void the warranty, but right now I am trying to clear things up first. I have an old Samsung with Android 4.0 out of warranty, which I already rooted, and still no bookmarks files or history are nowhere to find. Does anyone know where bookmarks are stored locally in Android?
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