Laptop won't charge with replaced power jack


Apr 17, 2016
I have a Dell Inspiron 13z 5323. A long while ago I began having several issues with the laptop that I discovered were easy enough to fix once I had stripped the laptop and found the sources of the issues. I got new parts to replace several that had broken; One of these parts was a new charging port. Some of the wires on the old port had snapped therefore the laptop wouldn't charge, however, the new port has been installed and the laptop still won't charge. The port is the exact same one that broke previously and looks to be in perfect condition. I've also tried using a different charger and that didn't turn out to be the issue. When I try to turn it on the power button lights up and it beeps repeatedly (due to the fact that it has 0% battery) so I know it is still functional in some capacity. What other reasons might my laptop still refuse to charge?