Laptop Won't Charge


May 3, 2012
This is apparently the week of technology failing me...

I woke up this morning to find my laptop that i left on and plugged in overnight off. Kind of strange, but didnt think much of it thinking someone bumped the cable overnight and it lost power. I plugged it back in, and booted it up. It came up to the login screen where I logged in and it booted to the screen I had left it on. I went to make coffee and wgen I came back, I noticed it was once again off. Since I have my laptop set to hibernate when low on power, this was expected behavior if it lost external power and the battery got drained.

Thinking I had a bad wall outlet, I tried a different one, and I noticed the orange charging light on the front of my laptop turned on for about 8 seconds before shutting back off (to no lights). I ensured the outlet was working by plugging in something else. The new thought was that I had a bad power cable--very possible as it is the one I carry in my laptop bag and I imagine sees a bit of abuse.

Now I'm at work and using a different cable, and this one doesn't even light up the orange charging light. I tried the original charging cable that I had in my laptop bag and it still lights up for 8 seconds before going out again.

I think based on this information, I can safely say the issue is with my laptop and not my cables, but I have no clue where to go from here. Since its not even charging with the laptop off, and won't provide enough power to run my laptop, I'm guessing it's not a software problem, and even if it was, I have no way of booting it up to fix it. Which of course leaves hardware.

So... Anyone got any ideas? I'm at a loss of what to look for next. I could open it up, but I have no idea what I would be looking for when I did that other than some obvious loose connection. Thanks for any ideas you have!

P.S. If it helps, i have a Toshiba Satellite P-50 bought in Jan 2015.
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