Laptop won't turn on


Aug 1, 2016
Hi, everyone! I have a big problem with my laptop, he wont turn on (black sreen) but i can hear the fan e the light of power is on.

But let me tell you the history behind this... I have an Acer Aspire E-15 (E5-571G-5387) and i bought an 8gb ram module for him. I installed the ram, and everything ok.
After one day the laptop freeze, i did an hard reset but when i turn on the laptop, he freeze everytime on the window's logo. So i unistalled the 8gb module and left the original 4gb, it keeps freezing but after many attempt the laptop boot up, but failling and freezing many time. The last time i was playing a game, when the laptop turn's off alone, but now we won't turn on, after many attempts

*I changed the ram and the slots, but didn't work.
*I have windows 10 and the memory stick is (8gb DDR3L-1600 1,35V CL11).
*I tried to reset the CMOS but i cant (it's not removable).
*Sorry for my english :)

Thanks to all and i hope someone can help me...
Try another hard reset, unplug, remove battery hold power button down for a minute or so, let sit, hold power button again for a minute or so, plug in and try booting