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Sep 15, 2009
I have an EMERSON LC320EM8 32'' LCD TV. The television powers on and then immediately powers down, regardless of whether I use the hard power button on the TV, or the power button on the remote. I have located a KEY CONTROLLER BOARD (Part No. BL4300F01012-2) that I can pick up for around $17. Does anybody have any idea whether it sounds like I am on the right track with this part? I am moderately technically savvy. If this is the right part, how difficult of a replacement job will this be? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Kraig


May 18, 2012
When you power up the TV, does the screen light up for a quick second? Inverter problems are common. (turn lights down /off when doing this)

You need to check if you're getting any voltage to the inverter upon power up.

On these sets you may still have audio even if picture is out.

1) Is the inverter shutting down power supply? (not always on these)

2) Is the power supply faulty? Missing voltage 5v,12v,and 24v
5v is always on (control) Yours seems to be working.
12v runs audio and other things
24v is for inverter
when turning on the tv the mainboard tells the power supply to turn on 12 and 24v It uses the 5v standby voltage to do this.

3)Is the main board not working properly?

Hope this helps a bit.

Good luck!


Jul 8, 2012

I didn't encountered that problem yet but most of the television problems always ends up bringing my television set to a trusted local TV repair shop such as Richmond TV Repairs (just make sure they are reliable and worth the price).

Good LUCk