Lenovo Flex 2 - Display randomly dims

Breanna Murrie

Apr 21, 2015
I've turned off auto adjust under the display settings, but the display still keeps randomly dimming and then going bright again every couple of minutes. It's driving me insane!

Im Spartacus

Mar 25, 2015
Sounds like your display is dimming due to settings under power options, so go to control panel,power options, select your highlighted power plan, then advance settings, look for display in list click and adjust to fix. It usually more than one option.
Although your Lenovo might have its own power management software if so check its settings.

Breanna Murrie

Apr 21, 2015
I can't do Options 1 and 2 for some reason. Under PC and devices>Power and sleep, I don't have an option for auto brightness. Only an option to change the time the display stays on. Same issue with the Intel graphics card setting...I don't have the power saving option. :-(
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