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Lenovo ideapad 06517HU tablet hybrid - good buy?


Sep 1, 2006
In the market for a netbook.

Laptops are just too big to be portable for me.

First portable pc was a 10.1" netbook, asus 1005ha and it was great. Sold it because I needed the cmas money and wasn't using it.

Well now I want one again.

It must be 10.1". A little bigger is ok but 10.1" seems to be about right, yet a little too small at times. Perhaps a full 1024x768 instead of x600?

Secondly, I want it to have good battery life. I think the 1005ha had like 6-8 hours or something?

CPU should be fine as long as it's more than an n270.

I will be running:

Micorosoft streets and trips with GPS

inSSIDer with GPS

XPorts or other com port splitter (USB for GPS)

the 1005ha did great for all of this.

Are tablet hybrids reliable? Does the swivel area wear out fast?

The one at worst buy has my attention.


Must be from best buy/target/walmart. They are the only stores nearby and we like being able to go to the store within 20 minutes.

Second option is ASUS Eee PC T101MT-BU27-BK from walmart


I would like to stress how much I know nothing about tablet hybrids and if it would just make more sense to get a $250 netbook and save a ton of money.


Sep 1, 2006
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