Question Lenovo Ideapad 520s screen flickering violently sent it for repair but issue still persisting

Mar 16, 2020
I recently sent my laptop for repair (after attempting to fix the issue myself) as the screen would sporadically flash on and off violently, flash pink and the open windows would duplicate. Once it stopped it would sometimes still flicker slightly at the edges. This gradually got worse over time happening more often. When I plugged a hdmi cable into the laptop this issue did not appear on the other screen. I tried uninstalling the graphics cards and resetting the entire computer but the issue just got worse.

I contacted Lenovo and sent my laptop in for repair at the start of March. They told me it was a software issue and had been successfully repaired by installing completely new software. When I got my laptop back however I noticed an occasional flicker. Now the violent flashing has come back today and has happened about 5+ times. I have emailed Lenovo. I believed it passed their testing stage because this only happens sporadically and you need to be using the laptop for a while before it happens (although it gets worse over time). This issue first occurred one month after my warranty expired. I thought it was something to do with the bios as it had not installed correctly so I fixed that and the issue went away, only to come back 6 months later which was when I sent it in for repair.

I'm at a bit of a loss as I desperately need this laptop as I'm in my final year of uni and all teaching has been suspended and moved to online teaching. I am also in the middle of writing and researching my dissertation. I need help ASAP.
Have you checked the laptop for overheating? Because you say it is only happening after on for a while I would consider installing temperature monitoring software and watch the temps. See what they are when it starts to happen as it is possible the GPU is overheating.
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