Question Lenovo Keyboard Issue

Apr 20, 2023
Today, on start up and multiple restarts, my Lenovo ThinkPad is having significant delays on the keyboard.

All keys work, but if I type my normal speed which isn't fast, just 35-40 words/minute, the computer does not keep up.

It will register the 1st key stroke, then skip 3-5 strokes pick up another and so forth.. If I go slower, it will register the same keystroke multiple times.

I suspected the drivers, deleted and reinstalled them without any change in status.

Defraged system as well, no change, etc.

All other aspects of the computer are fine.

Keyboard is clean, no liquids, food, etc allowed around computer, no keys stick, etc.

Anyone else had this issue, if so, were you able to fix it.

Computer info:
Computer: ThinkBook 15-IIL, i5 CPU
OS: Win 11 Pro
Ram: 8 GB
System Type: 64-bit

Any help, or thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Apr 20, 2023
Well, think I fixed it, at least for the time being.
Lenovo's auto driver update service says all drivers are current.
BUT - the manual update procedure indicated there were 27 drivers out of date. AFTER manually updating teh 27 driver, the keyboard is functioning normally now.
- NOTE: Not one driver said it was specifically for the keyboard, but the BIOS updates seem to be what worked.
Will have to see how long it lasts.


Jun 14, 2023
Update keyboard drivers even if you've already reinstalled the drivers, it's worth checking if there are any updated drivers available for your keyboard. Visit the Lenovo support website, enter your laptop model, and download the latest drivers specifically for your keyboard.