Lenovo L430 - Blank Screen, External Video Okay


Dec 29, 2011
A friend's L430 is suffering from a blank screen (even on boot and in BIOS), but the external monitor works fine. He says it started after he jerked it off a table (not sure why). I disassembled it, examined every cable, and reseated every connection I could find, but no luck. The backlight is out, and nothing is visible on the screen with a flashlight or ambient light to illuminate. External video works fine, toggle between internal and external works fine. I have run it on the battery, on the power adapter, and on both with the same results.

I'm an old hand at repairing Dell systems, but have virtually zero experience with Lenovo. Would my next step be replacing the screen? Or is there something else I can do to further troubleshoot the problem?

(I have a FRU number for it, 04W3329, and they're about $40-50 on eBay.)