Review Lenovo Legion Pro 7i Gen 8 (2023) review: Just right


Jan 16, 2021
I've been looking hard at laptops lately and I bought an Asus Vivibook Pro 16 OLED for a combo work laptop/gaming computer because I want the best display I can get. This was pe fect until it started overheating and shutting down on me, so back to the drawing board. I looked at this Lenovo and the Asus Strix G16 but the displays are the problem for me. They are okay for brightness but the Asus does not support HDR and the Lenovo seems to have conflicting info on the color gamut, which is important to me. They say sRGB is 100%...similar to only 75-80% DCI-P3 where the Asus displays are all 100% DCI...but don't have HDR unless you get an OLED panel.

The Lenovo seems weak on the display color gamut side. You mention it is close to OLED quality but I was unimpressed seeing the demo in the store - granted, not the best place to assess a display. After using an OLED 3.2K 400-600 nit HDR screen, will I be disappointed with the Lenovo?