Lenovo P50 - Power button disabled when laptop turned on [SOLVED]

Sep 26, 2018

I got a weird problem. Laptop works great all the time, and power button turns on the computer. If I hold it for couple seconds it will also hard reset the laptop, so I know that button is functional.

However, when Windows 10 is turned on, power button doesn't do anything. I'm writing mostly about control panel's "When I press the power button" option. I want to turn the screen off when power button is pressed, and I don't want to write or use some third party app to do it.

I'm pretty sure it's disabled somehow by software, but I can't find anything either in BIOS or Lenovo Vantage app. I also tried searching, but 99.9% of threads are about power button not working and laptop not turning on.

Any ideas? What should I check? Is there some kind of app for windows to check if system detects power button being pressed?

Sep 26, 2018
OK problem solved.

I found out, that Lenovo programmed the power button to be ignored if laptop is turned on.
If I hold the power button for 1 second, it will send the "button pressed event" to the system (and it will act like normal power button), and holding it for >5 seconds force shutdowns laptop like any other computer.

Apparently this stuff is in laptop's manual, but you know, I never touch the stuff.
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