Lenovo TpEdge Sucks - School Admin Review - More Than 60 Owned


Oct 1, 2008
I work for a school as an IT Admin and we issued more than 60 quantity of Lenovo TpEdge 13 models to staffs and teachers. Let me emphasize the quantity of 60+ and not based on occasional 1 or 2 defective cases

Do not buy these models; we own TpEdge 13 but (I suspect) also applicable to TpEdge 14 and TpEdge 15. Moreover, they are
1. Very Poor Quality
2. Lenovo is going cheap, becoming like Dell's and HP's
3. Lenovo customer service sucks; they don't accept bulk return for repairs but had to open individual ticket for each laptop

Those little cheapies start giving us problem within a month of purchasing 'brand new'. More specifically,
1. LCD screens start showing vertical lines, originated from poor hardware quality
2. LCD screens not showing anything but you can see the backlight
2. Power/battery related problems. Reinserting battery sometimes fixes it but why???
3. Cheap WiFi chip inside. Wireless signal strength is weaker than avg laptops
4. Mouse touchpad not working in its center region. There are sweet spots where it works, pointing to another poor quality

Other Thoughts:
1. Very low quality construction in frame. It can be easily dented
2. We do also own SL400, SL500, SL510 models from Lenovo. They are much better than this, above average compared to other brands
3. We already have in hand/sent back like 15 for the root cause being defects. Imagine us opening and tracking for 15 tickets, very time consuming!!!

Similar Story:
You probably hear lately that Dell desktops and laptops having issues with leaked capacitors. And Dell is *not willing* to
replace or repair them. Why? Coz they have a lot to repair/replace. I think Lenovo is starting to go this route. Check twice
or wait until sufficient reviews coming out before buying Lenovo in the future.

As an admin, I am absolutely pi**ed off because my time can be better spent on other issues and/or my workload will be reduced otherwise.


Oct 1, 2008
In my previous post, TpEdge 13 means Thinkpad Edge 13.

Additionally, check the Lenovo site and you'll see they discontinue this model. We bought these laptops in June 2010 and had mentioned problems within six months (not even a year)!!!

To add more colorful details, Wifi chip in this model is Realtek RTL8191SE. Everytime you see Realtek network chips, think of the word cheap. Some quality wifi chips are made from Intel, Atheros, Broadcom, etc.

Some words for Google:
Lenovo Thinkpad Edge suck vertical line mouse pointer stuck lcd black screen
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