Lenovo Y480 or Y580?


Nov 23, 2012
Currently I'm looking for a laptop, and I'm stuck between the two.

Basically they both have the same CPU, HDD, etc but differ in screen size and GPU. (Both has Core i7 3630qm, 8GB RAM, Win8, 1TB HDD 5200 rpm )

The Y480 (according to the site) has a GT 650m (not sure if the GDDR5 variant, and I've read reviews and pages that the US model comes with a GT 640m LE, which is kinda a let down. Does anyone know if it now comes with the GT 650 GDDR5 officially?) while the Y580 comes with the GTX 660m.

I've read articles that overclocking the GT 650m GDDR5 variant would get me GTX 660m levels. The Y480 has a 14inch screen while the Y580 has a 15.6 inch screen.

Price wise (according to lenovo's site currently) the Y580 is priced at $799 (with the coupon code) and the Y480 is priced with $729 also with the coupon code.

Budget is around $800 and I was hoping to find other alternatives for best bang-for-buck, but the other offers are kinda weaker compared to this.

Also I wouldn't mind the screen size.

So should I pick the little brother over the big brother? Performance wise and price wise? (Oh and I'm currently studying BS- Industrial Design, so yeah I might do some 3d rendering)

Thanks for your time and help!
As an owner of the previous generation Y470, I would go with the 15.6" Y580. The 14" Y470 has some cooling issues likely due to the small chassis and I believe the Y480 uses basically the same chassis as the Y470. While playing games the nVidia GT 550m generally stays at a decent 65C temp, however the i5-2410 can hit 92C and while playing GTA IV it actually hit 99C and the CPU started to throttle down.

I think the current Y480 will likely have the same issue. You can google around for some reviews. The Y570 did not have issues with high CPU temps I believe the CPU temps comes in at around 76C which is much cooler than 92C or 99C. As with the Y480, I believe the Y580 uses the same or very similar chassis as the previous generation Y570. Due to the slightly larger size the 15.6" laptop probably has better internal air circulation and larger heatsink so that the CPU does not get excessively hot.


Nov 23, 2012
Back then I owned a 14 inch laptop and it was hot and loud. My sister has an asus 15.6" (forgot the model) and even at load it wasn't that annoyingly loud. I've read a review on Notebookcheck.net and it said that the only downside to it is the HDD (revving at 5400rpm, not a problem since I'm not after that) and that it performs better than it looks. I'm leaning in toward the Y580 since the specs are a sure winner for the price margin.

Anyone knows other $800 *gaming* 3D capable laptops?


Nov 28, 2012
i dont think theres anything that comes close to this price performance
i spent about a week searching for deals and really most laptops range in the 1000+ for similar specs

i managed to snag the y480 for 730 with the coupon code and im still waiting for it (i ordered it 4 days ago)
im pretty sure it comes equipped with the 650m now
they upgrade the 640m le and the 3610qm to the 650m and 3630qm early october i believe

i am still iffy cause i read that too but ive read some reviews that verified the y480 does come with the 650m

i kind of regret not seeing the y580 earlier because at 800 its a steal with the bluray, ssd, full hd and gtx 660m graphics card
thats a huge upgrade for 70 ish dollars if you dont mind the larger size

i checked this morning and that y480 costs 1000 on the site with the cybermonday coupon so it shouldnt be too long til the y480s price tops that

overall i think the y series laptop has the best performance to price ratio
this week anyway
(srsly 730 - 800 with these specs are hard, if not impossible to find)


Oct 29, 2012
The US site says the Y480 ships with a 650m now. I'd simply call them and confirm.
Note, that the site does NOT say if its a DDR3 or GDDR5 version. I would ask before ordering.

Also of note, the Y580 has the option of a 1080p screen... the Y480 does not.
(may or may not be a factor for you)

I would be VERY cautious about your overclocking dreams in a 14" laptop.
The 15" Y580 runs a tad on the warm side, the Y480 is much smaller and likely has even less leeway.

As a general rule I discourage laptop GPU overclock unless you know exactly what you are doing and do not mind rather constant heat monitoring. With 14" and below laptops this is even more necessary, as they simply do not have the space for solid cooling solutions.

All that being said and done, the Lenovo Y480 and Y580 are among the absolute best combinations of potency/size/money.
The only other contender I might suggest is also on the Lenovo site.
The Y400 and Y500 are their new series Windows8 Ideapads.
They both come with 650m.