Lenovo Y50-70 touch screen change question


Apr 11, 2016
I have followed Tom's hardware for years, it has become a sort of a bible for my computing endeavors. I have researched and researched my issue for a while now and the frustration with Lenovo and my own lack of skills has come to a head, so I must ask for your assistance.

I am using a Lenovo Y50-70 Touch which I purchased in march of 2015. So yes it is literally just a month out of warranty.

LenovoY-50-70 Touch
i7-4720 cpu
Nvidia 860M
1920x 1080

The screen turned a pink and light green color, the images on the screen literally burned in, this occurred instantaneously. I removed the screen which has no bezel attached to it. As I figured I completely obliterated the touch portion.
I would like to replace it with a NON-touch screen, I have found the screens that can go into its place.

Questions are:

Will I need a new cable from the mainboard to the screen, i believe non touch screens are 30 pin.

Will i need a new laptop lid and front bezel, or only the front bezel seeing as how this one has none as is.

Anyone with experience doing this possibly inform me if this is even possible or is the mainboard incapable of this interchangeability?

Thank you sincerely for any help you all can give on this topic.