Solved! Lenovo Y520 Severely Underperforming

Mar 8, 2018
Hi all! I recently purchased a Lenovo Y520 about 2 weeks ago.
Here are the specs :
i7 7700HQ
GTX 1050TI 2GB
Windows 10

So I have a few problems with this laptop. The main problem is that it seriously underperforms while gaming. I'm talking about 8-15FPS on high settings on Fortnite. I couldn't even max Dota 2, Skyrim, Dark Souls(with dsfix) without taking a serious hit on FPS. I have set the 1050TI to be used for all programs under Nvidia control panel. I've updated my nvidia driver to the latest one. Only my Windows 10 isn't fully up to date yet. Could that be the issue? There's this one time I shut down the laptop then immediately switched it on again to play 1 Dota 2 match. It took like a minute to enter Dota 2, and throughout the waiting time my laptop was having freezes every few seconds and at one point it totally froze and I had to restart manually. Then there's this other case where I was dragging my CSGO icon on the desktop and a localized area on the desktop was flickering and I couldn't click anything within the flickering area. When I restarted, I couldn't boot the laptop as it says "no boot media" or something like that. However when I force a restart, voila, it booted up perfectly fine as if none of that happened. Weird. I feel that despite prioritizing the 1050TI in the nvidia control panel, my laptop still uses the intel hd 630 for everything? Perhaps that explains the horrible gaming performance? There is no micro stuttering or games crashing, but it's just the general terrible gaming experience. Also, I've noticed that my GPU is fully utilized even when I'm only at the game main menu. When ingame, the CPU barely does any job and the GPU is fully utilized even at low settings. Please help me!

Mar 8, 2018
To anyone who still has this issue regardless of model, my solution is by downgrading the current most recent Nvidia Graphics driver to an older version. Apparently the latest one for Gtx 1050ti is buggy so there's that.
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