Solved! LG 32LB5600-UZ: sound but no picture, totally black screen. Which parts to try to fix it?

Oct 11, 2018
I have 32" LG tv, 32LB5600-UZ, that has sound but no picture - and no sign of life in the screen at all. Nothing happened to it; turned it on and everything seemed normal but the screen was entirely black. Sound works and changes with the channel, indicator light turns on and off without flashing or doing anything out of the ordinary. The screen is just black - no menu, no sign of a picture when using a flashlight, no bars, no flash of screen when the tv is turned on, nothing at all but just a black screen. I've seen many other questions like this on this forum, but others all seem to have some indicator of a problem, while my indicator is just the dead screen, so I'm not sure if I have a different issue.

I've opened up the TV; there are no signs inside of any damage, everything appears pristine.

LG connected me to a local repair shop, which said 7-10 days and no ability to estimate cost. It may cost me more to repair than I paid for the TV, so I'd rather do the repair myself. I'd love to try to repair this myself; if anyone can give me an indication of what part may fix this, I'd be very grateful!