Question LG Android phone FreezesConstantly

Sep 16, 2021
Ok, I am nearing my peak of severe agitation with every Android based cell phones when they constantly start freezing up on me. I promise it's no exaggeration when i say, The more critical the need at any moment when i need my device to operate as designed to, the more likely it will decide to freeze up every 3rd keystroke! I've gone into extreme bouts of rage when this occurs at the worst possible timing. I have never ever HATED any living being or creature in my life as I have for an inanimate object like this. It's totally unacceptable. Ive been told to delete files or apps using huge amounts of memory and/or storage. THAT is not the issue. I have more than enuf available of both.


Mar 10, 2016
OK, what Android phone are you talking about? I've only had a freezing issue on one, and it's because of the badly soldered motherboard on the LG G4.

It could a number of things, such as a specific background application, browser cache, or a hardware issue. And as you mentioned keystroke, it could even be the keyboard.
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