LG B3 OLED test results are in — here’s how it stacks up

Dec 18, 2023
Back in 2018 we bought an LG OLED55C7V. The first reaction when we powered it up was WOW. Like we just discovered TV :). Only regret soon thereafter was that we did not purchase a 65" screen. But time passed and next year I am thinking of buying a new TV - always good prices in years with sport events, like Olympics in Paris. Only cloud on a blue sky is that our LG OLED shows significant signs of screen burn. The Netflix logo is always there - why the logo? And the subtitles area is burned too. It is an expensive TV though. Did not expect that after I read all I could find on the topic, and being careful with the usage, this would happen. Thinking of moving to QLED. Or maybe LG has fixed this since?


Sep 18, 2013
They fixed The majority of issues that would cause burn-in with LG's pixel shifter and pixel refresher technology. As long as you don't leave a static image on the TV for hours upon hours (I mean you can and there is a possibility you won't get burn in) you shouldn't have an issue. I use an LG C1 48-in OLED as a computer monitor and I don't have any burn in but take that with a grain of salt as I don't use it like an accountant would or somebody who works on documents for hours at a time. I mostly do my work in a web browser or RDP to work resources over an IPsec VPN tunnel. That being said, I don't think the likes of Dell and Samsung would start producing OLED computer monitors if they were worried about burn in because that would be very bad for brand perception and expensive from all the RMAs and returns. Also something to look into but I believe LG has a 5 year no burn in guarantee on most of their OLED TVs. I know 100% this is true for any of their newer EVO based OLED panels like the B2, C2, G2, B3, C3, and G3. LG will repair or replace the OLED panel you should look into that and see if they had that burn in warranty for your OLED model. No guarantees they offered that on your OLED just thought I would mention it. Oh one last thing LG has some tools built into the TV to help if you experience burn in check your TVs menu options to see if yours has those tools built in but again your model might not have them but it's worth it to check in my opinion.