LG G4 Charging Issues


Aug 25, 2016
Please help.

I recently have this issue with my lg g4 phone whereas when I try to connect to a fast charging usb cable with a fast charger block, it charges only for 1 second and then it stops.

Usually the little charging icon is still charging but the charging motion is paused.

When trying to charge again, I went to settings for my battery status and it would say at first "charging (AC)" and then instantly turns to "not charging".

can anyone help me?

NOTE: even this other usb which seemed to work after the others stopped working, stopped working suddenly. it started acting the same as the others (charging for 1 second or less)...

ive had this phone for a year now. I sent it in for repairs Once for the bootleg (which was fixed).

Ive also did a factory reset and still have the issue.

- I dont want to send it for repairs. I am trying to seek advice or tips for methods I could possibly do.

thank you.

update 1:
I forgot to mention that the usbs and charger blocks did work perfectly before this happened.
It may just be that it doesn't work correctly with those fast chargers. Not all devices do.

Does it charge fine with when done via normal charging? If yes, then the phone isn't the problem.