LG Nexus 5 wont turn on or give any indication of life.


Nov 23, 2014
My fathers LG Nexus 5 happened to get the wifi stuck turned off issue that seems rather wide spread for owners of this phone. However, I stumbled upon a post that I'am sure will fix it. (entails rooting the phone and deleting the phones wifi settings).

However, after charging the phone for about 2 hours I tried to turn the phone on and got no response. I had this issue with it before but the phone has previously given a red flash and the was able to start again after holding the volume key while powering on. This did not happen this time, instead the phone gave no response what so ever. I charged it more, the phone got very hot from charging, but again no response what so ever. Its like the phone is dead all together, but it shouldnt be, the only issue with the phone was wifi before it got shelved 6 months ago.

So I proceeded to open the back of the phone (way out of warranty so its fine). I then removed the battery and checked all the connectors, put it back together and tried again. Still dead.

Does anyone know were I should go next? accept that its a brick? buy a new battery and hope thats the only issue?
If it has been 'shelved' as you say for 6 months, the battery then would be extremely drained. You can try holding down the power button for about twenty seconds and then plugging it in to see if that will resolve it.

If that doesn't resolve it, then I would assume that either the cord is no good, or the battery needs replacing. If you can, try the cord on a different device to see if it will charge that one. If it doesn't charge the other device you would need to replace the cord. If it does, then it is probably the battery. Then you would need to purchase a new battery. Luckily, in either case, they are quite cheap.
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