Question LG tv, model 47LV4400 sound goes up and down after pause

Mar 28, 2019
I have an LG tv, model 47LV4400. Symptom: If we pause the TV, the sound will usually (not always) go up or down dramatically.
Trouble shooting already done. We have changed out: the speakers for a new sound bar with a new optical cable; new DVR; took the receiver out of the mix (new sound bar goes directly to the TV). The problem is still happening.
We appreciate any help.
Is the firmware of the TV up to date? Try updating it via the online option in the TV, couldn´t find any on the Toshiba´s support site. Might not be available.

unplug the TV, press the power button on the TV till the light is out. Replug power and try again.

Reset the TV to factory default

Could be a defect of the TV.

How did you connect the DVR to the TV? HDMI?
Which DVR is it now and which one was it before?

Does it happen with the internal speakers of the TV as well?
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