Question LG TV went blank; tried to self diagnose, relaced two boards, still doesn't work

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Jun 13, 2020
Hello, looking for some advice here. I tried to self diagnose the problem, but I may not have done it right. Here are the details.

LG 47LM6200

  • TV went blank suddenly while watching it.
  • Sound can still come through the TV
  • Power indicator light still works
  • When turned on, the whole screen illuminates; there is just no picture.
  • No menus display either.
  • Tried the flashlight test; unable to see any image.
  • I replaced the T-Con board; still doesn't work.
  • I replaced the main/mother board; Still doesn't work.
I think the backlights are fine, since the flashlight test reveals nothing, and while turned on the screen "lights up".

I think the power supply/inverter works since the screen lights up, and the power light indicator is working.

This was my first time taking apart any major electronic device and am a little burnt out on the hours of searching forums and videos. Am I wrong - could the issue be the backlight or the power? Before I start buying more parts or get a new TV I wanted to see what you guys thought. Thank you!
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Jun 25, 2020
I am in a similar situation with being hesitant to buy any more parts on a first time tv repair journey. I wish there was more activity by experienced folks here. Seems like a lot of threads and not a lot of replies. I’ve replaced LVDS ribbon, tcon, power board, and taken the tv apart and looked at the LEDs and they all seem to be working. My problem is brighter and darker flashing of picture.
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