LG UB8000 Digital Optical Audio to my $300 Bose Soundlink Ill aux in


Sep 20, 2015
I have my tv and speakers and can't figure out how to use together. No satellite tv (we cut the cable in June). I have been trying to figure out a solution on this for more than 10 mo. I can usually figure this stuff out and can't imagine how it is for someone who has no idea.

Has one 3.5 aux in. Usb (for updates only) and the charging plug. Wireless USB.
Below is what I have on this tv (also still on LG's website).

Wi-Fi® Built-in Yes
Wi-Fi Direct Yes
- Video DivX HD
- Photo JPEG
- Audio AC3 (Dolby Digital), EAC3, HE-AAC, AAC, MPEG, MP3, PCM, DTS

I should say that I also have an APple tv. Not sure which one. The newest that has I think 128gb. My Bose will hook up to the apple TV via wireless usb. I can't get to my hard drive from the apple nor to my antenna tv channels. Unless someone has knowledge on how to do this

I assume I need something to take the optical audio out from the tv in to my single aux in on the Bose?
Is my only option to hook this up direct? Is there any way to hook up wireless Bluetooth in able to put a speaker on other side of the room? It was so much easier on an older tv's.
Response from LG on 1 of my emails.....
In response to your concern, allow us to inform you that as we checked here on our resources you can connect your external speaker to the TV wirelessly via “LG Wireless Sound Sync) feature just go to SETTING>SOUND>SOUND OUT>WIRELESS SOUND SYNC. However, you will need to make sure that the external speaker (Bose) is also have this feature because if not, it will not work.

I also asked about using a wireless printer (just curious) on the same network. Answer was no. Can't hook up to anything that doesn't have wireless sound sync. When u bring that up it says...click on which LG product you have to connect.
I would like to be able to use a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, headphones, etc.
any suggestions would be appreciated! I do have an extra wireless usb plug. I used one of them in order to get wireless usb on my older dell laptop and it works fine.
I have several wireless components that I'd like to use which I won't go in to. There has to be a way to hook up wireless USB??
So...I'd like to have info on the optical out to 3.5 plug and any info on converting tv to wireless Bluetooth.
I just can't seem to get a direct answer from LG.
Sorry for so much info.
First try to pair the Bose speaker to the TV as per the instructions. LG wireless sound sync might be their name for bluetooth.
If it doesn't work you can connect a bluetooth transmitter to the optical out of the TV
or use a DAC like this one
to connect the Bose via the aux input.
As to adding other devices to the TV via USB the problem is that TVs don't have drivers to use USB the way computers. They are limited to the applications that the TV maker decided you needed. A wireless adapter won't change that just eliminate the long cable.
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