Live audio playback from a logitech quickcam


Aug 6, 2008
My office is using a logitech quickcam along with a usb extension cable for the purpose of monitoring another room. The video works fine, but something with the audio driver only allows the built in microphone to act as a capture device. I am wondering if anyone knows how I could modify a driver or a registry key so we could listen to the audio in real time without recording it. The microphone shows up in the device manager as "USB Audio Device". We found that by opening audacity and then clicking record and then pause we can hear the audio, but have not been able to reach a more elegant solution. Thanks!


Jan 16, 2009
Thanks for the work around idea. I have been trying to get the audio out for a while now so I can heard the people trying to get my attention through my fat headphones. I used the "Test hardware" in the sound control panel... ugg. According to the support representative on the logitech forums it is not possible.

You could open up the quick cam and tap off the mic lines and run an extra cable into the mic port on the computer. I've pulled apart a few of these cameras and the internals are easy to access.

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