locked on android screen


Sep 13, 2013
Hi i have a time2touch android tablet that wont start up it stays on the android load screen.

I have tried using the reset button and also attaching to pc with usb but nothing happens or opens up.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks for looking


Nov 6, 2013
Did you install any app prior to the bug ? Is your tablet rooted ? Did you change the android OS ? Do you see a moving animation or the image stands still ?
If you did not change anything, you can try this...I don't know if it'll work with your device, as I don't know that model, but if nothing else works it might be worth a try:
1) Set up ADB (Android Debug Bridge), see http://www.redmondpie.com/how-to-set-up-android-adb-and-fastboot-on-windows-tutorial/ for a tutorial if you're using windows.
2) At the command prompt (last step), power on your tablet, plug it via USB and type "adb devices" then enter. If you get a serial number, then your tablet is still alive. If not, there's either a problem with it's kernel, it's hardware or the debug bridge is not enabled and then you should search online how to access the "recovery mode" which will restore your android OS to it's factory state. You usually access this mode by holding power and another button (often volume up or volume down) when the tablet is powered off.
3) If you do get a response from ADB, you have two choices : either type "adb logcat" and post the output here so I could diagnose your issue, or type "adb reboot recovery" which will send you to the recovery mode.
Good luck! And don't worry, it's very hard to kill an Android device.