Locked out of ASUS laptop. Help!


Jul 7, 2017
As soon as I turn the laptop on it says "Enter Password", not sure what the password is or what happened! No ASUS or Windows start screens, just straight to the black screen asking for the password. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Jan 6, 2019

I'm having this issue also...
Asus X541N
Windows 10

Saga Lout

Olde English
Rather than re-open this old thread, kyraaa82592, please start a thread of your own giving us as much detail as possible. The originator of this thread never did come back with more details.

It also had to be said that we cannot help with password issues because we can't see proof of ownership.

A black screen implies a BIOS password but tell us exactly what happens when you start your machine up.

It's time to close this thread now.
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