Solved! Logitec z506 input problem

Feb 8, 2019
Is there a reset sequence for these speakers? Logitech z506 surround speakers.

Everything was working fine. Then all the sudden as I increased the volume on my pc, the sound dropped into a rythmical buffering sort of cd skipping sound, cut out thing.

I tried to use the rca input and got the same silence. When the u,it is on, there is an audible ryrhmical pop ever 10 seconds os, but no music or sound from an input source. I was using a Bluetooth adapter connected to the light green input cord. It worked since day one. It doesn't work with either the 3.5 (headphone jack) nor with an rca splitter to 3.5 jack. Its as if the input is being internally blocked somehow that can be fixed. You're help could make all the difference!

Thanks in advance!
You can try unplugging it from the AC outlet and plugging it back in. Sounds like there is a problem in the amps in the speakers. Given their price repair won't be economical unless the warranty is still in effect.