Logitech G35


Apr 27, 2009
i just bought this headset and its totally screwed my system up.

i installed the software/drives from disk and it said their was an update so i got that and installed. then it tells me its not compatible with win 7 x64 so i go to logitech website and get the right driver/software

i uninstalled the old software and drivers and new install went fine but now win media center, win media player, itunes, and ventrilo(VOIP software) all stop responding as soon as i run them

also msn crashes if i go to tools/ audio and video configuration, which is where i configure the headset for use with msn

skype runs but wont log in, its as if its stuck at the login (i have connection).

on boot up my system seems to hang for a few min and the mouse cursor is very jumpy(i move the mouse and it takes a few seconds to respond and jumps across the screen)

also now whenever i open up computer, it seems to be having trouble finding the hard drives as it takes a few sec to actually show all my drives and compouter locks up while i wait for it to load

i uninstalled the software and drivers and all programs worked again normally but system still jumpy and locks up on bootup and my computer is still very slow to show drives.

i then re-install the software/drivers

this time media center works but songs randomly skip and stutter, win media player works and so does itunes.

skype is still the same, so is msn and ventrilo.

basically any software that can make use of a headset seems to crash and lockup when the G35 software is installed.

has anyone any idea what is going on or how i might fix this?

im yet to hear any audio from this headset as i am unable to configure any software to use it because it just causes it to crash :(

i was so happy when i got these but now i feel like crying, this is a total nightmare


"Try everything again". Great advice, I don't think he could have come up with that himself. :pfff:
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