Question Logitech G502 Hero Mouse cleaning?

May 10, 2020

I have Logitech G502 Hero Mouse and it is giving me problem. Everytime i click and hold left mouse button, it just let it go and sometimes double tap it, same goes for right click, when try to scope in any game it just zoom out and zoom in again. Right click is less severe but left click is more.

I am using Dpi up button as left click right now but don't like to use any button instead of right click.

My mouse is under warranty but due to coronavirus i dont want to go to Service Center.

So my question is if i clean my mouse from inside does it solve the problem?
Does it void the warranty, or the only option is Service Center?

Any suggestions?
You would need to read the warranty details to find out if opening it will void the warranty. It may since once you open it the support has no way of knowing what you did there and may have caused more damage.

You should not have to bring the thing in, there is no mail support to send it back and get a new one?

There is also no good way to know if you cleaning it will fix it or if it's a physical issue with some part that needs to be replaced. Only way is for you to open it and see what happens.