Logitech X-140, Z130, or Genius SP-S350


Dec 6, 2009
I've read good reviews, bad reviews and abysmal reviews about these speakers.
I've been looking for a set of reasonably priced 2.0 speakers and all roads seem to
lead to these 3 set's of speakers.

The Logitech X-140's and Z-130's cost the same, and have similar specs, so I can't
decide between the two. I'm leaning towards the X-140's as they have a bigger
enclosure, but they're both 2.5w x 2 speakers.

My other alternative is about £9 cheaper and seems to have a higher power rating
(5w x2) the Genius SP-S350. The thing is, I cant find any reviews on these.

Logitech X-140's

Logitech Z-130's

Genius SP-S350's

I have had good experience with both Logitech (I have a set of Z-680's and X-530's)
and Genius (One had a set of Genius SP-Q16S's great 2.0 speakers.)

Could anyone who has owned/tested these speakers perhaps help to steer me in
the right direction. (I'm building a retro gaming rig (P2 400MHz) to play my old win95
games on, so I just need good, solid sound. Nothing mind-blowing.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks. :)

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