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    Solved! Rear Channels and Front Central coming out of the subwoofer?

    Hello! I have recently got myself a 5.1 setup (Genius Home Theater SW-HF 5.1 6000) as well as external sound card (Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro) that's supposed to be for laptops specifically. The problem is both of my rear channels and front centre are coming out of the subwoofer. Even...
  2. D

    Can the FiiO e10k power the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro (250Ohm)?

    I am not exactly a genius when it comes to audio by the way, and I know this e10k is cheap, but I kind of impulse bought it a while back, and recently bought the DT990 Pro's. Would this be enough to power it? If not I'm just going to buy the Schiit stack.
  3. V

    Connections a laptop to acoustics Genius SW-HF5.1

    Help me understand how to connect a laptop to the Genius SW-HF5.1 system, if this is possible so that the current configuration remains, I do not understand it at all. If you can visually. screen attached. Now the system is connected to the media player Dune Base and Genius 5.1 Sw-HF 5.1 5000 on...
  4. Graybush

    Gift Guide for the Apple Genius

    Have an Apple fan in your life? If you're shopping for someone who has an iDevice, you've come to the right place. With such a diverse universe of accessories, finding the right one to complement a collection of Apple products can be quite a challenge. The gifts below would fit well in any Apple...
  5. D

    Do XLR to 3.5 Jack will work just fine ?

    Hello. I’m planning to buy a mic, I choose this one Rode Procaster but I don’t want to buy external soundcard due to my budget and also that I already invested in an internal sound card the creative sound blaster z So I got the "Genius" idea to use a XLR to 3.5 Jack cable. So the question...
  6. I

    Solved! Subwoofer stops working randomly

    I'm using a Genius SW 1250 speaker set and today my subwoofer just went full mute. I've tried to plug out-plug in, tried to disconnect-reconnect all the cables, no result so far. The 2 front speakers working just fine, but the sub sometimes mutes or comes back for a few seconds, but with...
  7. D

    Solved! Inaudible audio in games (voices, footsteps, kills, gunshots, ...)

    Hi, I bought new speakers genius SW-G 2.1 1250 and I have a problem. When playing games (ASC, GTA, MAFIA) I can barely hear any gunshots or assassinations unless I turn up the volume, but if I do that, the music is just too loud. The music is audible, very clearly actually, but everything else...
  8. J

    Can i buy the same 2.1 speakers and make it 5.1, and what sound card should i get?

    So I am kind of in a strange situation... Being the audiophile I am, I always want the best possible sound. I currently own the Genius SW-G2.1 2000 as my speaker set up. I love these speakers and their quality, but i was curious if I could step up my game by buying another set, and get a 5.1...
  9. C

    best headset from my list

    Hello! I am in a dilema... i have no idea about recording, sound picking or audio quality from headphone's speakers... so, i would appreciate so much, if someone could help me choosing a good headset from my list of those avaibeable at my nearest shop and budget. i want good quality from...
  10. T

    Genius hs-g500v - faded sound when vibrations unplugged

    I have bought these headphones recently, since my last pair of these broke. When I plugged them in, I found an unpleasant surprise. For some reason, when I unplug the USB cable which is meant to be used for vibrations, the sound becomes faded and some tone levels just don't come out at all...
  11. Crow-M

    Help to choose 2.0 set

    Hello, Do you have some expierience with this speakers ? Creative T20 II & Genius HF1800A I would like to buy some 2.0 set. Can you recommend me one of this 2 or any other, up to 70€ please :) Feel free but best for me is to choose from here - Alza. Iam not an audiophile at all. Speakers...
  12. S

    New sound speakers

    I am looking to buy some new speakers so I wanted some help... I am between these two which one should I get...???
  13. M

    What speakers should I get for about $360? Dedicated sound card or not?

    I currently have a Genius SW-HF 5.1 6000 speaker sys. It's nice and all with its 200W performance but... I'm quite a bit of an audiophile, if that's even a word. I always aim for the better, and audio is one of the main things I like to have the best of. For both music and gaming. I've been...
  14. H

    how to root kyocera reach,c6743

    I have tried kingo root, king root, universal root, root genius, iroot and others without any luck. Please help? Thanks in advance!
  15. C

    5.1 speakers setup problems. Only recognizes rear in 7.1 among other issues please help!

    Hardware:5.1 speakers setup [genius X sw-g5.1 3500] (2 front, center, sub, 2 rear) I run windows 10. Just plugged them in, and got them to work in testing so I know they are connect properly. The problem is that 1, the rear speakers are only audible when the settings are set to 7.1. And...
  16. O

    mic voice sounds robotic

    Today my CM-storm ceres-300 headphones broke so i went and bought a new ones, i got Genius HS-G450 and the sound this mic makes is just awful. the old headphones still work and sound good they are just physically damaged. How it turns out they both use same detachable mic, i tried both and it's...
  17. Ibreakthings

    RCA Subwoofer into any control box?

    I have a Genius 2.1 1250 and the 3" 30w subwoofer is not really enough for my sound bar and the original genius speakers. Could i get a Yamaha 8" 100W and hook it up to the original control box? And if that dosent work would a 40w or 50w work??
  18. Mason1204

    I'm confused about RCA cables. Please help

    I'm buying some new speakers but the cables are not going to reach the control box. The two speakers use a red and white rca cable. Where can I buy a single rca cable that around 10-12 ft? I want to be able to connect a single rca female into the speaker and connect the other male end into the...
  19. Mason1204

    Genius SW-G2.1 1250 Speakers Help

    I'm getting Genius SW-G2.1 1250 speakers and I'm placing the control box a little bit away from the speakers and subwoofer. What I want to know, is how long are the cables that connect to the speakers and sub. If you can give me an idea of the length then I can determine if I need to buy a...
  20. T

    Which drivers should I install on my Alienware 17?

    I am confused because I downloaded a driver updating program called Driver Genius which lists many drivers on my system as out of date.. But I have installed all of the one I needed that are listed on the Dell site. Are the drivers that you get on your manufacturers website the ones to trust or...
  21. J

    Help me pls!

    Ok, so one day i got this genius idea to go to my local disk n delete some files that seem useless or which name has popped up in ads tht pops up in browsers. After that, my laptop (windows 7 32-bit) said 'not connected - no connections are available'. Other devices in the house r able to...
  22. N

    Suggest a Laptop under $ 800. GTA 5 should be playable.

    Dear Genius people, Which is the best laptop under 800 dollars? I should be able to play gta 5 even in the minimal setting. Please help.
  23. L

    Laptop with 1 audio jack, headset with 2 seperate cables for mic and audio

    Hello, I just got my new Genius HS-G500V headset, and it has 2 seperate cables for audio and mic. The probem is that my laptop has only 1 jack with a little headphones and mic icon, so it should be combo. I bought a cheap audio splitter, that has one cable red and one green so it should seperate...
  24. T

    What are some good $15-$60 speakers for gaming?

    What are some good $15-$60 speakers. They could be from any brand. Corsair,Genius,Logitech,Creative.
  25. SpiralCee

    New Headset Cutting Out On One Ear

    I just bought a new headset, the Genius HS-G500V, (cheap, because I'm poor) and it worked great for a week. Now the audio is cutting out on one ear when I stop and start audio. It's not the same ear every time either! I've tried putting it in different jacks, the front versus the back, but...
  26. Sirion05

    Computer speakers hissing

    Hey everyone. So I just bought a new 5.1 speaker system (Genius SW-5.1 1020). The problem is there's a hissing noise coming from them constantly as long as they are turned on. It doesn't matter if they are plugged into my computer or not, it does not matter how many speakers are connected to...
  27. RH82

    Resetting a Rooted phone

    Hi I have a Samsung I9082 I've just rooted it using Root Genius. I only rooted it so I can backup using Titanium backup & just factory reset then recover without having to install apps again and again, I should have read more as apparently its not advised to factory reset while its rooted. I...
  28. M

    Razer Kraken vs Genius Cavimanus for gaming

    My headphones have stopped working recently, so i decided to buy a new one. The problem is i can't decide which one. My budget is 50-60 euros. You can suggest me something better if you know. I don't have a dedicated sound card, only sh*tty onboard audio and i don't need a microphone because i...
  29. G

    5.1 Surround problems

    Hello, i bought some speakers (Genius SW-HF5.1 4500) and i have some problems with the surround.... i plug them in my pc (MOBO:Asus crosshair v formula-z) through 1 3,5 jack ...and i have now only stereo ...but all speakers are can i setup surround...?
  30. B

    best audio system? 5.1 or 2.0

    I wanna get a new audio system for my gaming rig and I stopped on these two. One its 5.1 system by Genius and the other its a 2.0 system by Skytek. sau ăsta...
  31. S

    Help! Can't get sound from dvds on Alba TV combi

    Can any genius out there help me please? Everything has been fine on my little Alba TV with combination DVD. However, I just happened to press sub-titles, by accident, on my remote control and since then I haven't been able to get sound on my dvds. The TV part is fine. The sub-titles are off and...
  32. B

    Adaptor Lenovo Problem

    Hi.Recently i buyed a adaptor(because the person who invented the lenovo,had to put a combo jack,because why not) for my headset(a4tech hs-60).The adaptor is...
  33. I

    What are your best PC 5.1 speaker setups?

    I'm looking to upgrading my gaming PC's speaker setup but I want some other opinions before I select one. Right now I'm looking at the Logitech Z506, and the Genius 5.1 speaker setup. Logitech:
  34. Joris

    Genius GX-Gaming LYCHAS (HS-G550) VS Natec Genesis HX55 USB Virtual 5.1

    I'm on a tight budget here,what are your thoughts?
  35. Jovan93

    Genius SW HF 6000 wooden 200w system

    Hi guys i was wondering how to make a surround sound whit this speakers can anyone tip me how to do it what cable do i need an that? its for PC
  36. naroslife

    How to use all speakers of 5.1 system with smartphone?

    Hello there! I have a Genius SW-5.1 1000 sound system. Photo: I am looking for ways to connect a non 5.1 player device (e.x. a smartphone or an old laptop) to the mentioned 5.1 speaker system and make all the speakers work. What causes the problem is, that I only have 1 output on the playing...
  37. edzilla

    Genius SW-G2 speaker buzzing.

    Been having this problem for awhile, have been trying to ignore it but just recently am getting really tired of it. My first set of speakers were the same and seemed to have no problem like this, at least until the cord was chewed up by my cats. Only had 2 working speakers, so I decided to...
  38. B

    Free driver update software?

    Hi guys. Do any of you know of a free driver update software that does the same kind of thing as Driver Genius? My Computer is being serviced so i'm reduced to using an old webbook from years ago. It would probably really benefit from a driver update. Thanks,
  39. naroslife

    Audio splitter considerations

    Hello there! I have multiple speakers sitting around still, and I was thinking about utilizing as much of them as I can. So here's what I have: ■ one set of 2.1 speakers (Genius SW-HF2.1 1200 wood) ■ 2 pieces of old Magnat speakers connected to a Panasonic Mini HiFi using the kind of...
  40. kraken501

    only 2 front speakers working.

    i got these genius 6000 5.1 speakers and im happy with it, the only problem when i plug my speakers in with my green, orang, black 3.5 cables (into my motherboard) only the 2 front speakers are working. (game like bff4 and LOL do have 5.1 surround sound) the ''SPEAKER FILL'''option doesnt work...
  41. F

    Battery leaked in my graphic tablet's pen

    hello , a few weeks ago i bought (genius graphic tablet mousepen m508) every thing worked very well until yesterday when i found that the battery leaked inside the pen and it's no more working , i cleaned the pen from inside carefully but still not working what should i do ?
  42. P

    Should I buy cheap 2.1 speakers or same price 2.0 speakers?

    I'm looking at these 2.1: Sorry for providing this link, I couln't find them on newegg, but the price is roughly $20 or these 2.0 for roughly $22. Which do you think would be better?
  43. Nomad2012

    Genius Headset volume issue

    Hi guys! I have a genius headset, I cant remember exact model number i think it might be the HS-03u but not sure. Its USB and when i plug it in Windows 7 sets up drives as a USB sound device in Device manager. sound works fine. Here is my problem: When i play music or any sound through...
  44. Bombhead

    Dead CPU, MB, both or neither?

    Looking for some genius here to help me out, would really appreciate it. I have a dead laptop. Asus X5EA Switch on: (with battery) Power light on. Batt charge light on. DVD player makes a brief "zzz" noise. No fans. Hard drive makes normal sound but no activity light. No video at all. No...
  45. WrekCreation

    How to add surround sound setup to your PC?

    Hello hello, not sure if my categories are correct but hay, close enough. Im currently using an Aiwa digital audio system and want to know if i can add my Genius 2.1 speakers too for a more surround sound experience??? Current Aiwa System link -...
  46. exfileme

    Apple's Siri Was Originally a Super Genius; for Android Too

    Apple's Siri is a watered-down version of an extremely intelligent AI capable of calling you a cab. Apple's Siri Was Originally a Super Genius; for Android Too : Read more
  47. G

    Webcam makes weird buzzing noise

    I just bought a new webcam-Genius FaceCam VGA 322 which has a built in mic , and when i tried talking to my friend on skype he sad he can hear some weird buzzing sound, but when i turn off my webcam he can hear my normal. I tried moving the webcam from my speaker(which are built in my monitor)...
  48. X

    I was looking at some good mics

    so I was looking at some budget mics and i came acroos this one Genius Cavmanus Virtual 7.1 Channel Gaming Headset I was wondering if anyone who used it before knew it was any good
  49. C

    Genius SW-5.1 3005

    Hi everyone, I found this set of speakers to be very cheap(US$110), and I also read good reviews. I wanted your opinion. I didn't know in what section of the forum I had to post this thread. Sorry. I'm not very demanding when it comes to sound quality. I just want to know if these speakers...
  50. Q

    Genius scanner drivers

    Hello, I want Genius Scanner Drivers Model No.ColourPage-HR7X Slim
  51. H

    Download genius scanner driver for windows 7

    Hello, i want to install scaner vivid 1200e for windows7 os , how can i do it?
  52. O

    Refurbed Logitech Z623, Genius SG 2.1 1250, or Frisby FS2500?

    My roommate and I are looking for a 2.1 set that works not only with our new projector, but also with our turntable. These three above (Refurbished Logitech Z623, Genius SG 2.1, and Frisby FS2500) stood out to me because: -Within our price range -Has RCA connectors for use with our turntable...
  53. martinohansen

    Driver Genius vs. SlimDrivers vs. Driver Fetch

    Driver Genius vs. SlimDrivers vs. Driver Fetch Big image: As you can see they are clearly not identical, so I thought about what to use to find and update driver, and what you think is best? Would also like to know if i have other alternatives to "driver programs"?
  54. H

    Bass going through middle speaker

    Hi, I got my old 5.1 genius speakers pluged into my genius sound maker 5.1 value sound card. Every channel works except the subwoofer, in the tests when i click the subwoofer, the middle speaker sounds instead, but when i click the middle it sounds through the middle like it should. What could...
  55. M

    Genius webcam installation

    Hello, well i have a genius videoCam but i lost the driver =\ what should i do ?
  56. T

    Logitech X-140, Z130, or Genius SP-S350

    I've read good reviews, bad reviews and abysmal reviews about these speakers. I've been looking for a set of reasonably priced 2.0 speakers and all roads seem to lead to these 3 set's of speakers. The Logitech X-140's and Z-130's cost the same, and have similar specs, so I can't decide between...
  57. JMcEntegart

    Leaked: Verizon's Summer Device Catalog

    Verizon's Summer device catalog has been leaked to Boy Genius Report and the paper confirms the as-yet unannounced Droid 2 as well as a number of other phones. Leaked: Verizon's Summer Device Catalog : Read more
  58. exfileme

    Man Jailed After Consulting Apple Genius

    A Connecticut man consults Apple Genius over an image problem and ends up in jail. Genius. Man Jailed After Consulting Apple Genius : Read more
  59. JMcEntegart

    Wal-Mart to Sell the iPhone at Cheapest Price Yet: $197

    A little while back rumors emerged that Wal-Mart would be selling Apple’s iPhone before the year was out. Coming up to the end of November, Boy Genius Report, citing internal Wal-Mart correspondence... Wal-Mart to Sell the iPhone at Cheapest Price Yet: $197 : Read more
  60. Marcus Yam

    Apple Unveils iTunes 8, Touts Genius Feature

    The first bit of new Apple product that Steve Jobs chose to unveil during his presentation on Tuesday was iTunes 8. Apple Unveils iTunes 8, Touts Genius Feature : Read more