I'm confused about RCA cables. Please help


Sep 14, 2015
I'm buying some new speakers but the cables are not going to reach the control box. The two speakers use a red and white rca cable. Where can I buy a single rca cable that around 10-12 ft? I want to be able to connect a single rca female into the speaker and connect the other male end into the control box for each speaker. There is also a subwoofer. The subwoofer also looks like an rca cable but I'm not sure. Will I be able to use the same single rca cable I mentioned above or do I need a different cable? Please help and thanks!

Image of Speakers
If the speakers are self powered (have their own power cords) then you can use any RCA interconnect cable. Many come in pairs but can be split apart. You can also use 2 subwoofer interconnect cable (not any different but come separately for mono sub use.
If the speakers are powered by an amplifier in the "control box" then the cables you have are speaker wire with RCA connectors at the ends. You can cut and splice speaker wire to lengthen them. If you buy new ones make sure that they are for speakers and not line level which is usually a coax cable not speaker wire.
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