mic voice sounds robotic


Jan 19, 2016
Today my CM-storm ceres-300 headphones broke so i went and bought a new ones, i got Genius HS-G450 and the sound this mic makes is just awful. the old headphones still work and sound good they are just physically damaged.

How it turns out they both use same detachable mic, i tried both and it's giving same result. however since its 3.5mm jack i tried plugging the mic directly in to the PC and the sound was clear.

I've been going trough some settings and at one point i could hear myself clearly trough the mic all the time on headphones so i though it isn't the prob in headphones but when i tried testing it on Skype/Teamspeak 3 it was terrible.

they are USB headphones
All the drivers are reinstalled/up to date
PC has fresh installed Win10

I've tried troubleshooting it doesn't help aswell
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