Genius hs-g500v - faded sound when vibrations unplugged


Nov 5, 2016
I have bought these headphones recently, since my last pair of these broke. When I plugged them in, I found an unpleasant surprise. For some reason, when I unplug the USB cable which is meant to be used for vibrations, the sound becomes faded and some tone levels just don't come out at all.

This fixes itself when I plug the USB in, but I don¨t want it plugged it because then it makes a distracting white noise.

I know you don't need the USB plugged in for the sound to work, because with the old pair I had it unplugged all of the time.

On other computers, the headphones work fine.

If I pull out the USB really, really slowly, the sound stays good, but eventually it becomes faded again.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Hello. These headphones are not actually made to be used without the amplifier. The reason the sound is lower and faded without the USB is because of loss when passing through the AMP which is unpowered.

If the headphones work well on other computers though, it may be because your sound card is defective or not powerful enough to drive these. Is your soundcard a quality one, or simply the original one on the motherboard? (next to the USB)
Can you confirm the last pair you had was the exact same model? Same brand?

If yes, then your unit is defective and needs to be replaced. If not, then it is simply normal. The Genius headset is known to have slight grain when the USB is connected.