Logitech Z506 Stereo to 5.1


Feb 6, 2014
I just hooked up my Logitech Z506 and set my windows setting to 5.1 surround sound... Tested L4d2 and it works properly. Now, how do i go about allowing youtube/pandora etc play through all 5 speakers and sub instead of just the sub and 2 front speakers?
youtube/pandora/windows are stereo sound only so thats normal.

in order to allow sound to come out the back speakers there is typically a setting in your soundcard/onboard sound driver software to allow for this. this may vary by what brand you have.

keep in mind you will need to enable/disable this every time you want to switch back and forth between true surround sound 5.1 and just having the rear channels copy the front channels.
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